Learn how to use MapRun – further workshops

Following the success of the workshop in September, Scottish Orienteering is planning to run a further two workshops on MapRun – the smartphone app which allows you to create and take part in orienteering “events” using GPS signals to identify control sites. Next up will be a session in Nairn on Wed Feb 5th from 7:30-9:30pm at Nairn Community Centre. The date and venue for a session in Edinburgh will be confirmed shortly.

The app has many attractive features for offering simple opportunities to participate in orienteering, including:

  • There’s no effort in putting out / collecting controls
  • Courses can be used at any time and are there “forever”
  • No vulnerability to vandalism or upkeep required
  • An ongoing results table to motivate participation

As such it has great potential for introducing new people to the sport, running orienteering sessions in schools, and setting up simple club training opportunities.

If you are interested in finding out how it works and how to create your own courses then please come along to this informal practical workshop which will be led by Sarah Dunn. All are welcome and there’s no fee to attend.

Juniors under 15 should be accompanied by a parent. Please bring a smartphone with the MapRun app pre-loaded – you can download it for free from your App Store – as we plan to offer an opportunity to test it out on a simple course.

Please sign up for the workshop via the Google Form here

There is further info about the app and current courses on the SOA website here

If you have any questions, please contact Sarah Dunn – sarah@scottish-orienteering.org.