Keep active over the holidays with MapRun

MapRun is an app which allows you to use your smartphone to enjoy orienteering without a need to set up physical control points on the ground. There are now MapRun courses set up all across Scotland which you can go and run right now, with more new ones being added all the time.

Using MapRun, you can run an orienteering course using either the map on your phone screen or a paper version; the only difference from a “traditional” course is that there are no physical markers on the ground. Instead, the phone tracks your location as you run and vibrates or buzzes to confirm when you’ve reached each control point on the course.

Full information about the MapRun app together with a list of courses is now available on the Permanent Course page. And if you can’t find a course near you yet, then why not think about setting one up? After a successful workshop in Dunblane, we plan to hold a further two workshops in Edinburgh and the Inverness area early in the New Year – look out for further details to follow!

Practising orienteering using MapRun at UHI