Junior Cup Update

And here they are…the results so far for the Junior Cup league, are here. Thanks to Ben Brown ESOC for computing these.

Remember to enter the final competition of the Junior Cup – Sunday 9th October at Creag Dhubh. Entries close: 23:59 on 2nd October 2022. Enter on line here.


We appreciate that the final Junior Cup event this year means that those chosen to run for Scotland in the Junior Home Internationals will not be able to gain a score at this event. Unfortunately the courses being used for the Junior Home Internationals are completely different to those in the Junior Cup – which runs alongside the final SOL for the year. We did not forsee that this would be the case when we chose this as the final event in the Junior Cup series.

We hope that those chosen to run for Scotland see the honour that bestows on them.

When the Junior Cup was established in 2021, the rules were that:

Results from each race will count towards an overall league for each age class, with all 3 races to count for final positions. Juniors will compete on their usual “Scottish O League” course with “B/S” class options also available for M/W14, 16 and 18.

We retained the rules from 2021 so it is difficult to change those now.

The Junior Cup was set up in 2021 in the context of COVID when we wanted to ensure that, despite the difficulties, Juniors at least had some high quality, fun, and competitive races. The Cup proved popular and so we ran it this year. However, the feedback now is that the Junior Cup is no longer necessary as events are back to normal. Efforts will focus in the future on supporting events like the Jamie Stevenson Trophy and the Interareas weekend that remain popular.