Jamie Stevenson Alternative

Recognising and celebrating our juniors!

Photo call , map challenge and more, with a focus on juniors.

  1. Send in photos/memories now
  2. Participate in a Map Challenge starting 7th June
  3. Attend a virtual Prize Giving 14th June

Normally around this time of year we focus on juniors through the Jamie Stevenson Trophy. The Jamie Stevenson is the annual Scottish Junior inter-club championships, where juniors from clubs from all over Scotland battle it out to be crowned champions. The event is named after Jamie Stevenson, a Scottish Orienteer, who won a gold medal at the 2003 World Orienteering Championships in Switzerland.

We may not be able to get out in the forests, hills, parks and streets for our normal orienteering activities however we can celebrate our juniors and focus on them through alternative activities.

This year, due to the on-going situation with Covid 19 we are asking clubs to support juniors to participate in an alternative set of activities as follows:

  1. Send in photos/memories
  2. Participate in a Map Challenge
  3. Attend a virtual Prize Giving

More details of the Map Challenge will be released on Sunday 7th June and this is to be completed for Sunday 14th June in time for the ‘prize giving’ at 6pm.

Photos and memories

Juniors – send in your favourite photos and memories of yourselves orienteering – or wearing club tops, or just of having fun outdoors at an orienteering event as well as any photos from past Jamie Stevenson events.

Photos and any memories associated with them to be sent as soon as possible to Judy Bell judy@scottish-orienteering.org

Please ensure it is your photo and that you and anyone else in the photos is giving permission for Scottish Orienteering to use it on social media.

Photos will go up on Facebook and other social media the week 7th June until 14th June.

There will be prizes for photos sent in from juniors.