Introducing Will Hall

Moravian Orienteering Club’s New Development Officer 

Last month we were excited to announce that Moravian Orienteering Club has appointed a new Development Officer – Will Hall. Club development officers are central to the development of a club. Club development officers help to lead the development of a club’s volunteer workforce and support the club to further build its capacity for new members. Previously Forth Valley and Tayside Orienteering Clubs have had development officers which enabled them to sustainably grow their membership. 

Let’s speak to Will to find out more about him and his plans working with Moravian: 

What is your background?

I was previously a rowing coach down in the South of England, before moving up to Moray to start a job as a Bushcraft instructor and Outdoor leader. I am also a freelance Mountain Leader, Photographer and Filmmaker. 

Wills photo of a Bottlenose Dolphin in Moray Firth (

What attracted you to the role?

Before being a rowing coach I was a professional rower. After leaving rowing I missed the feeling of community you get when being involved in a club. The Moravian development officer role lets me be part of a club and take part in larger projects which I enjoyed doing when I was a Rowing Coach. The role is also flexible around my freelance work. 

How are you enjoying the role so far?

I have been in the role for a month now and enjoying it. There is lots to learn as there are lots of different elements to being a development officer ranging from community outreach to social media. 

The Six Days are coming up in Moray. Do you have any plans for Moravian Orienteering Club leading up to and after the event?

We will continue to have community events leading up to the Scottish 6 days. I have plans to start some new community projects for the club, potentially around Elgin. We have just run the first of several sessions with Scouts in Elgin (seen here drawing maps of their local area), and are planning events in local Primary Schools with Active Schools Moray.

How do you hope your role as club development officer will benefit Morvian Orienteering Club and orienteering in Moray?

I want to increase the club membership and get more younger people volunteering and being active. I am a big advocate of getting kids outside and moving. I would like to bring in a more diverse range of people into Moravian. 

It is great to hear Will’s plans for Morvian Orienteering Club and orienteering in Moray. 

We are excited to see the sport develop over the next few years in Moray. Check out Will’s website to find out more about him and see his very impressive wildlife photography: ​​

The Orienteering Foundation has provided financial support for Will’s role, alongside a SOA development grant and Moravian putting in club funds. If your club is interested in employing a Development Officer please do not hesitate to contact Scottish Orienteering. If you are interested in becoming a club development officer, Forth Valley Orienteers have a vacancy. If you are interested contact Jen Leonard