Family Coaching in Dundee

Over the past few weeks Scottish Orienteering has been busy in Dundee. With the support of coach Matthew Clark (KFO) and volunteers from Tay we have been running a series of family coaching sessions at Balgay Park, Dundee. 

We ran 3 coaching sessions each on a Sunday morning. Each session started with a warm up game before breaking into the main session. At each session we introduced new orienteering skills. Balgay Park was a brilliant location to run these sessions, it is easy to get within Dundee, contained so families don’t worry about getting lost and has lots of interesting features. 

At each session we had between 3 to 7 families take part. They were keen to continue doing more orienteering in the future. We plan on running more coaching sessions in the future linking into Tay’s events at Balgay and Camperdown Parks in late Summer.