Developing Our Planners

Planners Workshops Oct – Dec 2021

Re-booting the planners workshops with a wide range of topics to explore. Expand your skill set –

Connecting with nature by orienteering in Scotland at Loch Vaa

The skill set required by a planner of events develops over time, often with help from a more experienced club member. 

Since March 2020 there have been many online discussion sessions taking place with a variety of topics. With a wide range of topics and a host of experienced planners, workshops will start again with a wide range of topics to explore.

Below is a list and outline of the topics covered for these series of workshops. The online workshops will be from 7:30pm to 8:30pm unless otherwise indicated . Please sign up now to save your place

Responses are required by 21 October

Workshops and overview

~ Sprint vs. Urban : Understanding differences & similarities between planning for Sprint races and planning for Urban races.

~ Progressing to planning for National events : Discussion and practical planning for the range of courses required at a SOL.

~ Planning for MapRun : Compromise – or not? Discussion around ensuring the principles of course planning vs. the limitations of MapRun.

~ Developing Juniors as planners : Getting juniors started with planning courses, TD1 (White) to TD3 (Orange).