Craig A Barns Event

Craig a Barns event on Sunday 13th June 2021 will be opening for entries this week. We continue to plan that this event will be classified as Scottish Championships (individual only) however this will be subject to restrictions both nationally and locally by June. The situation is being closely monitored, Scotland must continue to make progress to Level 1 for this event be viable as a Championship event and that no area of Scotland can be under travel restrictions that would prevent competitors participating and ensuring ‘fairness’ of competition.

Regardless of limits on competitor numbers and whether it is the 2021 Scottish Championships or a SOL this Craig a Barns event will still be a run as a major Scottish event within the Scottish Orienteering League (SOL) Rules and Guidlines.  

Organisers and Event Officials

The SOA would like to thank you the team of volunteers under the guidance of Margaret and Jayne who have already put in considerable time and energy to make the event possible and are continuing to plan in a very dynamic environment of restrictions and guidance. Please show consideration to them as they continue to work towards putting on a championship event.

Planner: Roger Scrutton (ESOC) supported by Clive Masson (ESOC)

Controller: Sarah Dunn (MAROC)

Organisers/Covid Officers: Margaret Dalgleish (ESOC) and Jayne MacGregor (ESOC)

Entries and Deadlines

We will open entries via SI Entries as soon as possible. There is likely to be a short entry window so please keep checking. We are aiming to open entries early in W/C 17th May. The final deadline is likely to be Sunday 30th May or very soon after.

CourseNoTechnicalDifficultyCourseNameAge Classes
1.TD5Black  M-E 
2.TD5BrownM18 M21W-E
3.TD5Short Brown   W21
4.TD5BlueM16W18, W20M55, M60, M35S, M40S W35 W40
5.TD5Short BlueM18S M20S M65 M45S M50SW45 W50 W21S 
6.TD5Green W16M70 M60S M55S  M55S W55 W60 W35S W40S
7.TD5Short Green W18S W20S  M75 M80 M70S M65S W65 W70 W75 W80 W50S W55S W60S W45S 
8.TD4Light GreenM14 M16BW14 W16B  
9.TD3OrangeM12 M14B W12 W14B   
10.TD2YellowM10 M12B W10 W12B  

Parents are reminded they should declare if they are actually helping a Junior competitor as opposed to following.  Assisted juniors are competitive in their colour course (e.g. White) but not in age class (e.g. W10B).  If you are the ‘shadower’ then you must have completed your own race before undertaking any shadowing.  

Eligibility to be a Scottish Champion

To be eligible to be a Scottish Champion you need to be recognised as a “Scot” Members of Scottish open clubs are automatically recognised as “Scots” for this purpose.  Other orienteers who satisfy the conditions to be classed as Scottish, such as those born in Scotland or long term Scottish residents currently living outside Scotland or competing for their university,  MUST make their status known to the Organiser by email to:  at the same time as putting in their entry. 

“Scots” are one of the following:

a) born in Scotland

b) have at least one Scottish parent

c) be a member of the Scottish Orienteering Association

More Details

For full event details, we will continue to update here or alternatively you can follow the ESOC website page for this event here