Changes to club support

As you may be aware there have been staffing changes over the past year or so with Sarah Dunn leaving her post as Development Manager and Regional Development Officer for the North last May. The post of Development Officer East was also vacant and had been vacant for some time.  We recruited Heidi Ross to the position of Development Officer in September 2022 and Fran Loots as Development Manager in addition to the West.
Times of change allow for revisiting how to do things and changes have been made accordingly. 

Photo by Ross Findon on Unsplash

Going forward – broadly speaking – we will retain some geographic basis to the work but also have some themes following our commitment to recruiting and supporting young people in our sport. 

The Junior Area squads will be supported as follows for 2023:

SWAT (West ) – Heidi Ross

East and North – Fran Loots

Heidi will work mainly with the East and North East of the country and with clubs where there is also an alliance or potential alliance to a university club: 

North East – Aberdeen University and GRAMP and MAROC

East TAY, KFO, Edinburgh University, Roxburgh Reivers.

Also Stirling University and FVO plus Glasgow University and CLYDE 

Fran will work mainly with the West and North West. 

North West MOR, INVOC and BASOC


There are some exceptions to this for the short term including Fran supporting activity around Edinburgh relating to WOC 24 including support to ESOC, INT and ELO and in return Heidi will support SOLWAY and AYROC

We also have a number of projects that we work on that have a specific development focus and vary year to year.
Following the club conference in April there may be further changes but this is the interim plan until the Autumn.

Mainstream ClubLead
AYROC (Ayrshire OC)Heidi ST
BASOC (Badenoch & Strathspey OC)Fran
CLYDE (Clydeside Orienteers)Heidi
ECKO (Loch Eck Orienteers, Argyll)Fran
ELO (East Lothian Orienteers)Fran ST
ESOC (Edinburgh Southern OC)Fran ST
FVO (Forth Valley Orienteers)Heidi
GRAMP (Grampian Orienteers)Heidi
INT (Interløpers OC, Edinburgh & Lothians)Fran ST
INVOC (Inverness OC)Fran
KFO (Kingdom of Fife Orienteers)Heidi
MAROC (Mar OC, Deeside)Heidi
Masterplan Adventure (Scotland-wide)Heidi
MOR (Moravian Orienteers)Fran
RR (Roxburgh Reivers, Scottish Borders)Heidi
SOLWAY (Solway Orienteers)Heidi ST
STAG (St Andrew’s OC Glasgow)Fran
TAY (Tayside Orienteers)Heidi
AUOC (Aberdeen University OC)Heidi
EUOC (Edinburgh University OC)Heidi
GUOC (Glasgow University OC)Heidi
STUOC (Stirling University Orienteering Club)Heidi