Can you help to improve the format of the Scottish Inter Club Championships for 2023?

In order to make the competition more inclusive to all forms of orienteering, the format of the Scottish Inter Club Championships (SICC) was changed for 2022 to include results for all five individual championships, the Compass Point Scottish Orienteering League, the Scottish Urban Orienteering League and regional events.  This empowered members who don’t compete at championship level, or simply prefer urban or sprint orienteering, to contribute towards the overall result throughout the year.

The clubs were divided into Large and Small clubs as before and a subsidiary junior competition was created.  Scores were allocated using the same algorithm as British Orienteering, with large clubs counting the best 20 scorers overall towards the total and small clubs the best 10 scorers overall.

The finer details can be found in the SICC briefing note issued at the beginning of this year.

Everything can be improved! We are looking for your views on how the changed format of the Scottish Inter Club Championship has worked in 2022 and what improvements to the competition can be made.  Please submit your views to either to Steve Scott via or Nikki Howard via before 31st December 2022.