Call for Interest from Clubs or External Partners to Host Summer Camps

The SOA development team is keen to help clubs and other external organisations to organise orienteering camps for newcomers in various locations around Scotland this summer. We have a cohort of students and young people that have expressed interested in instructing at camps and now we would like to try and match them up with some suitable opportunities. To this end, we are seeking expressions of interest from partners that would like to organise summer camps that will include orienteering as all or part of their offering.

We have received Expressions of Interest from a number of experienced young orienteers who would be interested in delivering sessions as paid instructors. Some of the orienteers already have experience of coaching, but all would be trained up to Coaching Foundation level ahead of the camps. It is anticipated that they would provide the expertise in orienteering, delivering the sessions alongside a more experienced outdoor instructor, teacher, or adult club member.

The summer camps are likely to be targeted at the P5-7 age group and we will encourage engagement with parents and other family members, either as an integral part of the camps or as follow-up. An important aim will be to build stronger links with the orienteering community and nearby orienteering clubs.

Another essential factor in selecting where to run the camps will be identifying a suitable financial model. Scottish Orienteering should be able to invest a small amount of development funding, but some form of co-funding will be required either from the partner organisations, through grant awards, or from contributions by the camp participants themselves, to meet the instructor salary costs.

If this sounds of interest to your club or organsiation, then please complete our Expression of Interest for Partners by Mar 20th at the latest.