Additional Support Needs in Orienteering Coaching

As part of the 2021 Virtual BOF Coaching Conference, the SOA organised and convened a session on Additional Support Needs in Orienteering. The objective of the workshop was for coaches to share experiences of working with youngsters with ASN and to map out some simple tips for others to assimilate.

It was heartening to see the session, attended by around 50 people from across the UK and Ireland, being over-subscribed. For anyone who was unable to attend on the night the workshop outputs are now available for download. These include a recording of the session, presenters’ slides and a summary paper of the discussions.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the workshop for such enthusiastic and constructive engagement. Special thanks to those who made individual presentations and helped to chair the breakout rooms. There are many useful suggestions which have been put forward and
these will provide invaluable material as a first step towards developing coach education to better support additional needs in orienteering.