2022 Scottish Orienteering League (SOL) and Urban League (SOUL) Results

Our volunteers, Paul Hammond and Paul Caban, have been working hard collating all the results from this year’s SOL and SOUL events. We are very grateful for all their hard work and that of all the volunteers and clubs who made the events of 2022 happen.

Read on to find out how you and your club members have got on in 2022…

2022 Compass Point Scottish Orienteering League (SOL)

With the best three races of the season counting this year the full results of the 2022 SOL Season can be checked by 2022 Age Class Results or by 2022 Course Results

The Trophy winners for 2022 are as follows:-

W10AHannah Inman (FVO)M10ACarl Selmer Duguid (TAY)
W12ALucy Ward (INT)M12ALewis Whitelaw (BASOC)
W14ASophie Howard (MOR)M14AFinlay McLuckie (MOR)
W16ARuth Gooch (MAROC)M16ASam Hunt (FVO)
W18LIsobel Howard (MOR/EUOC)M18LJames Hammond (FVO)
W20LRachel Brown (ESOC/EUOC)M20L
W21ENiamh Hunter (EUOC)M21EMatthew Gooch (EUOC)
W35LSarah McAdam (RR)M35LArnis Saltums (STAG)
W40LHazel Dean (FVO)M40LWill Hensman (FVO)
W45LJanine Inman (FVO)M45LPaul Hammond (FVO)
W50LMorag McLuckie (MOR)M50LJason Inman (FVO)
W55LAnn Haley (INT)M55LTim Griffin (GRAMP)
W60LFran Loots (TAY)M60LIan Maxwell (RR)
W65LPauline McAdam (RR)M65LJohn Tullie (RR)
W70Margaret Dalgleish (ESOC)M70Robin Sloan (RR)
W75Eleanor Pyrah (ESOC)M75Phil Smithard (KFO)
M80Bill Melville (TAY)

Trophies and the generous prizes from Compass Point should be awarded at the first 2023 SOL event being hosted by STAG at Errochty on 12th March. Certificates for first, second and third will be sent to the clubs in the next couple of week

Next year’s SOL dates have been set and more details can be found 2023 Fixtures

2022 SOUL Results

After twelve events across the past eleven months, this year’s SOUL series has completed.  Congratulations to the following winners:

Young Junior WomenEilidh Connor (FVO)
Young Junior MenPeter Atkinson (ELO)
Junior WomenScarlett Kelly (FVO)
Junior MenMichael Bishenden (MOR)
Womens OpenAlison Campbell (STAG)
Mens OpenRoss White (STAG)
Veteran WomenRachel Kirkland (FVO) *
Veteran MenMark Wood (FVO)
Supervet WomenAlison Cunningham (ESOC) *
Supervet MenAndrew Campbell (MOR)
Ultravet WomenSally Lindsay (ESOC)
Ultravet MenDonald Petrie (CLYDE) *
Hypervet WomenEleanor Pyrah (ESOC) *
Hypervet MenPhil Smithard (KFO) *
 * indicates a maximum score of 700 points achieved

Full results are available from the SOUL web presence at https://www.scottish-orienteering.org/soul/

Trophy presentation for class winners will be incorporated into SOUL 1, EUOC’s “Big Weekend” in January 2023.

Well done also to Margaret and Les Dalgleish (ESOC) and Rachel Kirkland (FVO) who all completed the full set of twelve events.  I guess it keeps them on the streets …

Work is well underway for next year’s SOUL series.  It will start with a bang, with four events on consecutive weekends across January/February in Edinburgh, Inverness, Perth and Broxburn.  The rest of the programme is still being finalised but should be announced by the end of the year.  It’s anticipated that the 2023 series will comprise fewer events than in 2022.  Full details will again be published at https://www.scottish-orienteering.org/soul/