Scottish Junior Cup 2022

After the success and positive feedback from last year’s Scottish Junior Cup we plan to repeat the competition this year, with a set of 3 junior focussed weekends on offer.

To avoid further congestion of the competition calendar, the SJC will be held in conjunction with other junior focussed weekends. Details of each are still to be confirmed but the provisional plan is as follows:

SJC round 1 – Sun June 19th in conjunction with Jamie Stevenson Trophy (east of Scotland)

SJC round 2 – Sun Sep 4th in conjunction with Junior Inter-Area Competition (Perthshire area)

SJC round 3 – Sun Oct 9th in conjunction with Junior Home Internationals (Strathspey)

As for last year there will be a league-based competition for age classes 12, 14, 16 and 18, with options for less experienced juniors to run in a younger age class. A yellow course for younger competitors will also be available at each event but will not be included in any competitive league. Overall league positions will be based on the results from all 3 events.

Put the dates in your diaries now and let’s look forward to some great fun weekends of junior orienteering in Scotland!