SOA Launch Post-Viral Support Network

Today we launch an important support service for those affected and effected by the Covid pandemic. We recognise the impact the virus can have on our social connectedness and want to form a support network within orienteering for those that may wish to share, learn and gain support. If you have experienced Covid and are struggling with the long term impacts, please do get in touch with our volunteer-led SOA Support Network ( )

Medical information shows that most people experience Covid-19 as a short-term illness and once the infection has been fought off, they recover their health quickly and can resume normal life and activities. However, there is evidence emerging that some individuals may struggle with residual symptoms for weeks, months or even longer, once the infection has cleared, experiencing a variety of symptoms which may include fatigue, aching muscles and difficulty concentrating. As orienteers we recognise how frustrating and isolating it can feel when we are unable to access our favourites terrains, our club activities and events.

The residual symptoms are recognised by health services as being caused by the virus, manifesting in physical symptoms, however the ongoing situation can very worrying and stressful. We are therefore setting up an informal support network for SOA members who are continuing to suffer from any post-viral symptoms. If you are still not 100% recovered after having a viral infection (whether you have tested positive or negative for Covid) and would like some informal volunteer-led support, then please get in touch with who will confidentially give you the contact details of the SOA volunteers who are coordinating this virtual network.  Please note that this support is informal so it will not provide medical advice, but is intended to facilitate peer-to-peer support and enable people to share their own experiences and helpful self-management techniques.

We would also be interested to hear from you if you have experience of managing fatigue/post-viral symptoms and would be happy to share this to support others.