SOA Covid-19 Follow-up

The SOA Board wishes to express their thanks to club committees and members for their speedy adoption of the suspension of orienteering events and activities and also for the enthusiasm shown in creating and sharing other avenues for keeping some focus on orienteering.

The initial SOA announcement made last Tuesday remains valid and relevant. Items of interest in relation to it have been the ongoing support for people taking exercise from the Chief Medical Officer for Scotland, growing opposition from remote communities in Scotland to non-locals arriving and potentially placing pressure on food supplies and medical resources, and the BO development statement issued on 20th March. These can all be met by continuing to exercise, adhering to social distance requirements and adopting the motto of ‘Stay local, stay at home’.

It is apparent from other countries in Europe that as the numbers of Covid-19 cases rises, more significant and intrusive restrictions on mobility may be required. This has not yet happened in the UK, but it could happen. If this occurs then the above motto is likely to be shortened to ‘Stay at home’.

23rd March 2020