SOA Board announcement regarding orienteering and Covid-19

At a press briefing yesterday, following a COBRA meeting, Boris Johnston stated that ‘now is the time for everyone to stop non-essential contact with others and to stop all unnecessary travel.’

This requirement was also stated by Nicola Sturgeon. It was also mentioned that as of today mass gatherings will no longer be supported using emergency workers. The UK government’s intention is to introduce emergency legislation to the House of Commons this week.

Travel to attend orienteering events is not essential travel. This morning British Orienteering have suspended orienteering activities: this is effective immediately and is valid until the restrictions mentioned above are relaxed. The SOA Board supports this and notes that activities include training/education courses and workshops organised by SOA staff or members.

Particular mention has been made in the various government statements about protecting the vulnerable and we urge members to devote energy and support to all in the orienteering community who are in this category.

While group events and activities are suspended there are a few routes for orienteering on your own, so long as they do not involve unnecessary travel. Use of the Maprun app and even creation of Maprun courses is one option: for information on existing courses or to get involved in course setting please contact Sarah Dunn or your RDO – visit https://www.scottish- . Another option is to download the free mapping software Open Orienteering Mapper and start experimenting with the intricacies of mapping.

17th March 2020