Clarification of coaching and crossing Local Authority boundaries

SportScotland have indicated that part of the Scottish Government’s wish to enable outdoor organised sport for under 18s is that coaches, both professional and voluntary, are allowed to cross Local Authority boundaries by more than 5 miles for coaching purposes so long as neither Local Authority is at Level 4.

Parents are allowed to transport their family members to and from these coaching activities but must not join in with the activities, and are not allowed to spectate.  They should also observe the 2m physical distancing rule in relation to other people at all times.

Naturally parents involved with the coaching activities can join in. Guidance on who is involved for coaching purposes is:

  • The person is an active member of the group delivering the coaching, and
  • They are a qualified coach or have completed training in the elements of coaching which allows them to assist (Coaching Foundation, Young Leaders course, IntrO).

Someone who is acting as a First Aider (who is qualified to do so) to the coaching session also counts as being involved.