Inter Club Championships 2022

As we’ve previously indicated we’re going to make a change to the inter club championships in 2022. Currently it is awarded to the club with the most points scored at the Scottish Individual Championships and it seems that most competitors are blissfully unaware of it.

We are keen to introduce a competition that encourages more participation at a range of events across Scotland, provides more motivation for juniors and engenders more club spirit. As ever there are numerous ways that we could do this (and even more opinions) but we have landed on a club league system that we will try in 2022, and review again for 2023 based on lessons learned.

This will include:

  • Points awarded to all SOA club members at all Regional, SOL, SOUL and championship events
  • Retention of separate trophies for “Large” & “Small” clubs
  • The league will be based on top scorers in the club during the year
    • Large clubs – top 20 to score based on best 10 results
    • Small clubs – top 10 to score based on best 10 results
  • Calculation of points to be confirmed (we need something to do over Xmas!)
  • A separate junior league
    • Juniors will count for the overall club league and the junior league
    • Large clubs – top 8 to score based on best 10 results
    • Small clubs – top 4 to score based on best 10 results
    • Scorers below the top 8 or 4 will count towards additional club teams (e.g. FVO 2)

There will be no extra work for organisers – Steve Scott (FVO) has put a lot of thought into this and has kindly offered to manage the system. We hope this initiative will encourage even more participation and help orienteers contribute to their club’s performance throughout the year.

If you have any thoughts please feel free to contact me on

Merry Xmas

Richard Oxlade

Acting Operations Director & SOA President