Edinburgh-O Midday Map Runs postponed

In light of the constantly changing coronavirus situation, Scottish Orienteering has made the difficult decision to postpone the Edinburgh-O Midday Map Runs which were scheduled to be held across six weeks, starting on Wednesday 18 March.

Though other orienteering events are continuing with extra risk management precautions in place, precautions such as discouraging people from gathering together could detract from the enjoyment of the Midday Map Runs – and the warmth of the welcome we could give to newcomers.

Festival Square, Edinburgh
Festival Square, Edinburgh

This – combined with the fact many offices are reducing the number of people coming into Edinburgh – means postponing the events should give us a better chance of showing as many people as possible how to enjoy a different, fun way to run at lunchtime.

We’d like to thank everyone for the hugely positive reception the series has had from existing orienteers and beginners, and reassure you all that Midday Map Runs will happen – just at a later date.

Scottish Orienteering will assess the situation with in the coming weeks and determine the best time to re-launch the series later in 2020.

Thank you to everyone for the hard work in setting this up and spreading the word; you’ve shown us how there’s a great amount of interest in this series and we look forward to bringing it to you – and your friends and colleagues – later in 2020.

If you’d like to be updated as soon as the new dates are released, please register your details online at www.scottish-orienteering.org/edinburgh.