Coaching at KFO

One of the autumn’s newly qualified Level 1 coaches has already played his part in getting the ball rolling for coaching at KFO. Matthew Clark has been helping the club’s new members get their bearings in local woods.

 In partnership with existing club coach, Ian Doig, the duo has also developed a set of training mornings for club members. The first had fourteen KFO members come along to polish their compass skills.  

The day started with a Compass Challenge where athletes had to use compass to identify the correct distinctive trees round the edge of an open area. “We then we had another short session with individual courses depending on experience. So plenty of short Yellow standard courses, a couple of special Aim Off maps and then Corridor or Fog maps, which participants enjoyed a lot,” explained Matthew.

Corridor Course

 Matthew said, “Having two coaches available makes it much easier to do more as a club. The two of us are building a programme of club coaching that will help all our members develop their skills.”