SOA competition calendar review takes another step forward

We are pleased to announce that Jon Musgrave has been selected to lead our SOA Competition Calendar Review.

Jon brings to the review not only his long experience of competing, organising, planning, and coaching orienteering in Scotland, but also as the ScotJOS lead coach he is uniquely positioned to ensure that competition calendar best provides for our juniors who are the future of our sport. Jon is also a member of the current British Orienteering talent and performance working group.

The objective of the review is to ensure that the SOA Competitions Calendar is ‘fit for purpose’ in meeting the needs and expectations of all of the SOA membership. The review will look at the number and balance of all levels of events, that national and major events are fairly distributed around the West, East, and North areas, and that events on the calendar support all levels of participation from newcomers to providing a performance development pathway for our aspiring and elite athletes. The quality and presentation expectations of different levels of events are also in scope.

The review will survey input from individual members as to which events they wish to see in a future calendar. The review will also survey input from every club as to which types and levels of  events they are willing to put on in future either as an individual club or in partnership with others (clubs, SOA resources).

This is your opportunity to shape the SOA Competitions Calendar for the future. Jon will be at Strathearn 2019 Six Days and will be very happy to discuss the review and hear your thoughts in advance of the formal surveys and review which will start in August. If you see Jon, please do take the opportunity to have a chat.

Keith Roberts, SOA Operations Director

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