Understanding Legal Structures of Clubs: Be Informed

Should our club be a registered charity? What does CASC mean? Is SCIO the same as charity status? What implications are there if we are an unincoporated organisation as a club?

These may be questions which have arisen in your club. We are delighted to be partnering with Club Development Scotland to bring you an online information session to better understand and take forward discussions within your club committees about which legal structure may be best for you. This session will take place on line on Tuesday 17th January starting at 6.30pm. You can sign up here for free

What Can I expect from the session?

This session is designed to support club committees to decide which legal structure may best suit your club. This session will cover the various structures available to clubs and outline the benefits and limitations of each legal form (including charitable and Community Amateur Sports Club status). 


Help committees become familiar with the array of legal structures (and the pros and cons of each) available to orienteering clubs in Scotland. 

Topics covered

  • The difference between unincorporated and incorporated clubs (including the advantages and disadvantages of each)
  • The legal structure options available to clubs including Companies Limited by Guarantee (CLG), Community Interest Companies (CIC), Community Benefit Societies (CBS) and Scottish Charitable Incorporations Organisations (SCIOs)
  • Charitable Status and Gift Aid or sports clubs (and the advantages and disadvantages of this)
  • Other options open to clubs including Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASC) status

By the end of this workshop attendees will be able to……

Confidently discuss the advantages and disadvantages of incorporation and each of the structures available to clubs. They will be able to outline the process of incorporation to clubs and discuss whether charitable status might be a suitable option to pursue.

How do I sign up to attend?

We ask that you register for the session so we can share the Zoom link securely. You can register your interest here and you will receive the Zoom link for the session on the day by email.

Who should attend?

This session is completely free of charge and anyone with an interest in club governance is enourgaed to attend.