The Scottish Schools Orienteering Festival: A Brilliant Day Out!

Last Friday at Callander Park, Falkirk was the Scottish Schools Orienteering Festival 2023. A total of 336 enthusiastic school pupils from across Scotland laced up their o-shoes for a day of orienteering. Pupils were aged from upper primary to late secondary school. 

At the event, every pupil undertakes a course which is specifically for their school year group. Every participant completes their course even if they miss a control. Rather than DNF-ing, pupils receive a 5 minute time penalty for every control they miss, making the event inclusive to those who are orienteering for the first time. 

There are also orienteering games and activities for the pupils to take part in. The SI maze was a huge hit with the pupils, who loved trying out the 4 courses and trying to beat their previous time. 

The carnival-like atmosphere, good weather and enthusiasm made it a great event. It was lovely to see so many pupils making happy memories orienteering. I’m sure we will see many of the pupils at orienteering events in the future!

Thankyou to all the volunteers and making the event happen. Well done to all the pupils for taking part.