SOA Volunteer Day 2nd June

The SOA team are delighted to welcome you all to a Volunteer’s Day to be held at Glenmore Lodge on Sunday 2nd June.  There will be a variety of workshops to cater for different interests and a chance to socialise before and after.  We are extremely lucky to have our sportscotland national trainers delivering two first class workshops designed to enhance volunteer management.

The outline programme for the day is:

Details of the workshops are:

Run by sportscotland national trainers who are leaders in their field, these first 2 interactive workshops will provide you with tools to upskill and manage your volunteer workforce.

Introduction to Mentoring workshop

We explore: 

  • What mentors do
  • Mentoring approaches
  • Importance of developing and understanding of your mentee and their environment
  • Mentoring tools
  • Personal strengths and areas for development
  • Peer support

Volunteer Management Workshop

We explore: 

  • Recruiting – be able to identify methods of good practice 
  • Supporting and Developing – recognise the importance of support and development and explore tools to do this 
  • Recognition and Reward – recognise the importance of this and explore tools to do this 
  • Retention – understand that the sport workforce can be retained by implementing the above 

MapRun Workshop

Learn how to use MapRun to set up your own courses.  No previous knowledge required. Louise shares her experience from Orienteering Edinburgh to enable you to use this tool to produce fun activities.

Planning workshop

Colin Eades, our planner Advocate, shares his extensive knowledge and experience in this discussion-based workshop.  Themes already identified as being of interest include urban planning and planning to make the best of small areas but Colin will endeavour to cover any topics of interest.

Coaches exchange

Suzanne, our Coaching and Volunteer Officer, will bring along some tried and tested activities to share and asks that everyone brings something so we all go away with new ideas.

Please sign up using the registration form where you will get a chance to choose your preferred activities.  The closing date is 15th May at the very latest but it would assist us in our planning if you could do it sooner.