SOA proudly enters into partnership with A4 Design & Print

We are delighted to announce our new partnership with A4 Design & Print, based in Inverness. A4 Design & Print has become Scottish Orienteering official printing partner and will see generous rates for printing extended to clubs and for our major events in 2021 and beyond!

We will be working closely with David Ritchie and his team at A4 Design & Print to enable the SOA to produce high quality printed materials including SCORE for a special December issue!

A4 Print & Design can offer good rates for clubs for maps at 49p per A4; 68p per A3; plus delivery.

A4 Print & Design can print on Pretex up to 600 x 300 with guaranteed 24 hour turnaround on receiving the print request to the maps and control descriptions being dispatched. A4 Print & Design can work with Condes, Purple Pen but the preference is PDF.

Best of all A4 Print & Design already have a long history in printing maps, working with orienteering clubs and understanding their needs.

For clubs hosting SOL events, A4 Print & Design will offer a further discount of 10% off printing costs of maps. They will ask in return their logo is featured on the maps.

We are truly delighted to be working with David and A4 Print & Design to bring high quality maps and high quality service to the SOA and it’s member clubs.