Scottish MapRun Event Listings

It has been fantastic to see the growth in popularity and availability of MapRun events over the last 8 months and it is now possible to find courses all over Scotland. It has also been great to hear of lots of people new to orienteering discovering the sport through trying MapRun courses in their area. We’d like to build on this grassroots development to ensure that MapRun courses can easily be found by anyone, and have therefore undertaken a reorganisation of the folder structure for all Scottish courses.

The new structure has a region or city as its top level folder, under which there are folders for various clubs and other organisations to host their courses or, in some cases, individual course listings. This should make it much more intuitive for anyone to find courses in their locality, even without any knowledge about their local club.

Club Admins – if you have information that points your members towards specific folders to find your club activities then you should check the new format and update accordingly. Any queries please contact