New Regular Orienteering course laid out near Glenmore Lodge

Controls are now out for this season’s Regular Orienteering Mapping Programme (ROMP) around the National Orienteering Centre at Glenmore Lodge.

Start options are at Glenmore Lodge, near the “Hayfield” parking area at GR NH980091 or the Forestry Commission parking area at NH983088. 20 controls can be visited in any order, or you can decide on your own line courses.  Each control is on a yellow stake complete with control flag and pin punch. All controls are within the Glenmore “triangle” so no road crossings are required but please take care if crossing the main bridge on the road up to the ski area.

Contact for a pdf (free to SOA members).  Printed copies can be collected from reception at Glenmore Lodge for £3 to cover costs, and pdfs are also available for the same price to non-members.  Please note the main river is marked as uncrossable – minor streams are safe to cross but expect wet feet.  Please remember to check yourself for ticks after your run.

There is also a MapRun virtual orienteering course set up at Glenmore Lodge, which you may wish to try at the same time as the ROMP. MapRun is an orienteering smartphone app which has controls set up to register an audible “beep” when you go round a normal course using an orienteering map. The course at Glenmore Lodge is a sprint style course around the grounds of the outdoor centre. A copy of the MapRun course, together with instructions on how to set up and use the smartphone, will be sent out along with the ROMP map as a .pdf file, or else available for free when a ROMP map is bought at Glenmore Lodge.

Finally, as with any outdoor location, be aware of wildlife in the area. While unlikely to bite, adders are known to be present and if you’re lucky enough to see one, please let us know. You can see the NHS website for what to do if you ever get bitten by one.