Celebrating a big year for STAG and the success of Glasgow Parks Orienteering Championships

 STAG’s 23rd Glasgow Parks Orienteering Championships (3Parks in 1 day) was held in the south-west of our City on Sunday 21st August 2022 with around 90 competitors from near and far.

This event was born out of The Park World Tour Race in Kelvingrove Park in June 1999 as a vehicle to encourage orienteers to experience the joys of orienteering offered by our Dear Green Place and has proved successful but there is still room for many more to participate/compete as they desire. Orienteers from France, Germany and Norway have combined a visit to Glasgow with competing at our unique GPC.

The role of honour for the Open Courses reflects the depth of talent in Orienteering over the past 20 years.

Past Individuals Male Champions

Murray Strain (4), Patrick Walder (3), Ross McLennan (2), Alasdair McLeod (2), Dave Robertson, Bruce Duncan, Scott Fraser, Theo Fleurent (France), Paul Luetzkendorf (Germany), Josh Dudley, Simon Gardner, Chris Smithard, Peter Molloy, Rudi Paul and Thomas Eriksen.

Past Individual Female Champions                                                                                                  

Kirstin Maxwell (6), Hollie Orr (4), Kelly Limond (3), Thor Egerton, Jennifer Perry, Danielle Winslow, Beccy Osborne, Abi Longhurst, Kirstin Strain, Helen Bridle, Bryony Harding and Tessa Strain.

Welcoming the crème de la crème of our sport is only a small part of the success of this amazing social orienteering experience as there are courses for all age groups with tough competition throughout. Everyone has a great day.

We are now reaching the stage where Dave Robertson (CLYDE), the Open Champ from 2001, has now won the Veteran Male Class several times and this year secured the Super Veteran Male Shield.

The 23rd GPC visited Linn Park, Queen’s Park and Pollok CP with courses planned by Fredrik Nordvall Forsberg and Arnis Saltums. This allowed me to focus for the first time on the organisational and mapping aspects which greatly reduced the pressure.

Back in 2015, the GPC had moved our date to accommodate a request from Tayside Orienteers to allow them to access Glenalmond for their Christmas Score and it was decided that as a record number (126) had attended in 2015 we should try out an August date again.

Race 1 Linn Park 16 Controls

Proved a more demanding challenge than either me or Fredrik expected with target times being missed by several minutes on 4 out of the 5 courses. This was probably due to the summer vegetation and for most this was a new area so complacency may have set in as after all it is only a Glasgow Park! Don’t under estimate the challenge.

Race 2 Queen’s Park 17 Controls                                                                                   

A firm favourite on the GPC Rota but this year Fredrik’s Start and Finish were located on the eastern side of the park and we were able to access a power supply from the Tennis/Bowls Pavilion. Target times were spot on!

Race 3 Pollok CP  23 Controls                                                                                   

Returning to Glasgow’s largest park is always a pleasure and Arnis’ courses provided an excellent orienteering experience on an amazingly sunny day. He even had time to make a short video for STAG TV.

The continued success of the 3 Parks is due to the support given by STAG Members and Friends. Competitors return year after year as it is a great day out and always a socially FUN experience!

We look forward to welcoming you to the 24th Glasgow Parks provisionally on Sunday 3rd December 2023.

Written and permission to share given by : Terry O’Brien BEM, GPC Co-ordinator