Scottish Sprint Championships 2018

Many thanks go to FVO for staging the Scottish Sprint Championships 2018 as part of their “Stepping into Spring” weekend. Most of the stepping was into mud or the occasional snow drift still remaining on the University of Stirling campus. The event consisted of two races, a Prologue and Final, but the total of both races counting towards final positions and results ( SOUL results counted separately). Full results are available on the FVO website including links to Winsplits and Routegadget. The latter cannot do justice to the rain and mud.

2018 Scottish Sprint champions:

M10 Finlay McLuckie   MOR
M12 James Hammond   FVO
M14 Ewan Musgrave   MAROC
M16 Matthew Gooch   MAROC
M18 Joseph Wright   MAROC
M20 Tom Lines   ECKO
M21 Chris Smithard   FVO
M35 Will Hensman   FVO
M40 Ray Ward   INT
M45 Jason Inman   FVO
M50 Ben Stansfield   FVO
M55 Keith Brown   ESOC
M60 Donald Petrie   CLYDE
M65 Bill Hanley   SYO
M70 Phil Smithard   KFO
M75 no entries

W10 Emily Atkinson   ELO
W12 Maja Robertson   ESOC
W14 Iris MacMillan   ECKO
W16 Alice Wilson   CLYDE
W18 Grace Molloy   FVO
W20 Lucy Haines   EUOC
W21 Claire Ward   INT
W35 Gemma Karatay   BASOC
W40 Heather Thomson   ESOC
W45 Mary Ross   INT
W50 Cathy Tilbrook   FVO
W55 Alison Cunningham   ESOC
W60 Amelia Petrie   CLYDE
W65 Margaret Dalgleish   ESOC
W70 Sheila Strain   ELO
W75 Janet Clark   ESOC