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Start and Finish planning reminders

Common Issues

Although aimed at planners and controllers the rules and guidelines about what happens at the start and finish should be of interest to competitors too.

17th Jun 16  

SOA Club Development Fund

The next deadline for applications to the SOA Club Development Fund is 1st October 2016.  Applications should be submitted to Colin Matheson during September 2016.  

16th May 16  

Good Practice Guide to Orienteering and the Environment

The SOA has produced a Good Practice Guide to Orienteering and the Environment in Scotland. The document is written for orienteers, and is intended to assist in securing access to land for events, particularly where there are concerns about nature conservation.

18th Apr 16  

Information and resources for coaches

SOA Coach logo

This page is intended to provide coaches with a single point of access to a variety of information, templates and resources for different aspects of their coaching activity.  Document describing New Zealand's Coaching Philosophy added 5 April 2016 - essential reading for all coaches!  Also new material for mazes added 28 April;  cones grids coming soon...

05th Apr 16  

List of Controllers

List of SOA controllers sorted by club, including their home town.

At the foot of this web page, there are links to download the SOA application forms for appointment to Grade C controller, and to upgrade to Grade B controller.  (Please use the Word doc in preference to the pdf, if you can.)

Grade B controllers who are interested to upgrade to Grade A should contact the SOA Controllers' Co-ordinator, Rob Hickling, who can advise you on the process for applying to British Orienteering.

09th Feb 16  

Funding Opportunities

Various sources of funding are still available for club development projects.  In addition to SOA development funding, sportscotland offer links to funding that might be appropriate to orienteering club projects.

07th Jan 16  

Chasing Perfection

Michael Johnson, Credit:Channel 4

Channel 4 & Open University collaboration

Authored by one of the world’s most successful athletes, Michael Johnson looks at how sports science has changed immeasurably in the last 20 years. Exploring how those changes have impacted on the world of sport, and what role it plays in creating exceptional athletes.
You will be able to learn a lot from watching the programmes and the material on the OU website - as an elite athlete or as a participation orienteer.

22nd Nov 15  

LiDAR data available

LiDAR coverage map 2015, Credit:Google Earth

Areas covered updated Oct 2015

Through an agreement with sportscotland (and the Scottish Government) there is now further availability of LiDAR data (Phase 2) for orienteering development purposes only.  This data set supplements the Phase 1 data which has been widely used by orienteering clubs in Scotland.

23rd Oct 15  

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