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Orienteering using QR codes

QR codes appear in adverts and information leaflets, and are most often used as a quick way to get to a particular web page.  You install a QR code scanner on your smartphone, then scan the code with the camera’s phone!  Scarily simple, or just plain scary to those of us who remember punch-cards for both orienteering and computing. 
There are now a few phone apps that allow you to use these QR codes for orienteering, thereby opening up all manner of opportunities with very little effort, and making the sport instantly more attractive to the many people who love their electronic gizmos.

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Start clock display

Start Clocks

The SOA has five sets of clocks that can be used at race starts or finish to show race time. These clocks are designed to be a “Turn on and Go” system for an event start. User guide updated 20th Apr 2015.

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SOA Club Development Fund

The next deadline for applications to the SOA Club Development Fund is 1st October 2015.

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Condes Screen shot

Condes for course planning

The Condes User Guide has been updated for use with version 9 of the Condes software, which offers several improvements in both functionality and interface.  Of particular interest to coaches and anyone planning unconventional events is the ability to do things to the underlying map - see section 17 of the User Guide.

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LiDAR coverage map

LiDAR data available

Which areas are covered

Extensive LiDAR data is now available under a licence agreement between Scottish Water, Scottish Ministers, the Scottish Ministers and SEPA and sportscotland and a licence agreement between sportscotland and the Scottish Orienteering Association.

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Stirling Surveys logo

Map Printing Service

The SOA has a contract with Stirling Surveys for laser printing of maps for training and competition. Stirling Surveys will normally print at the most appropriate size of paper for the course;  waterproof paper is used as standard.
Updated Jan 2014

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List of Controllers

List of SOA controllers sorted by club, including their home town.

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Electronic resources

SPORTident resources (Robin Strain) which have been revised in Autumn 2013 after the Glenmore Volunteers weekend



20th Sep 13

SOA pop up banner

Scottish Orienteering marketing kit launched

The Scottish Orienteering Association has purchased a set of marketing equipment suitable for onsite use by clubs at exhibitions or events. A list of equipment is given below, the bulk of which is being held by the Regional Development officers in the NE region. Any Scottish Orienteering club will be able to borrow this equipment to use for a specific event.

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SOA Coach logo

List of Coaches

The following list contains those coaches that have consented to having their name included, there may be other coaches who have not.
A name appearing on the list below does not imply that the coach holds a licence (a licence, amongst other things, ensures the coach is covered by British Orienteering insurance).

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