Chasing Perfection

Michael Johnson, Credit:Channel 4

Channel 4 & Open University collaboration

Authored by one of the world’s most successful athletes, Michael Johnson looks at how sports science has changed immeasurably in the last 20 years. Exploring how those changes have impacted on the world of sport, and what role it plays in creating exceptional athletes.
You will be able to learn a lot from watching the programmes and the material on the OU website - as an elite athlete or as a participation orienteer.

22nd Nov 15  

Elite orienteering development

World  of O

International Orienteering Coaches Conference 2015

How do Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland do this?
Follow the Live blog by Jan Kocbach
From Monday August 24th until Wednesday August 26th
Worthwhile following, great material and ideas. What could Scotland take from this and implement?

25th Aug 15  

Orienteering using QR codes

iOrienteering marker

QR codes appear in adverts and information leaflets, and are most often used as a quick way to get to a particular web page.  You install a QR code scanner on your smartphone, then scan the code with the camera’s phone!  Scarily simple, or just plain scary to those of us who remember punch-cards for both orienteering and computing. 
There are now a few phone apps that allow you to use these QR codes for orienteering, thereby opening up all manner of opportunities with very little effort, and making the sport instantly more attractive to the many people who love their electronic gizmos.

04th May 15  

Regular Orienteering Map Programme

ROMP logo

ROMP is currently taking a break, though controls are out at Glenmore for modest technical challenge.

28th Dec 14  

National Centre course schedule

National Centre logo

LATEST ITEMS:  ONE PLACE remaining on UKCC L2 course March/April 2016.  Now taking bookings for UKCC L1 course at Edin Uni 23-25 May.

06th Oct 14  

Condes for course planning

Condes Screen shot

The Condes User Guide has been updated for use with version 9 of the Condes software, which offers several improvements in both functionality and interface.  Of particular interest to coaches and anyone planning unconventional events is the ability to do things to the underlying map - see section 17 of the User Guide.

29th Sep 14  

Coach CPD Days for 2014

SOA coach logo

We are pleased to announce more detail of the Coach CPD days for 2014. Dates and venues are now available for the series of highly practical coaches’ workshops across the country, which will allow us to produce sets of valuable resources for all coaches.  Agenda for the last date - 7th December - is now available.

16th Sep 14  

Coach CPD Days for 2013

SOA Coach logo

We have now held two Coach CPD Days in 2013, both looking at terrain running techniques and how to coach them, plus an introduction to Strength and Conditioning, and shorter discussions of various coaching skills.  Various items from both sessions are now available for download.

08th Oct 13  

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