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Orienteering Techniques by Gareth Bryan-Jones

The 2015 edition of this extremely popular and informative booklet is now available.

07th Jan 16  

National Centre course schedule

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LATEST ITEMS:  Tutor CPD cancelled.  Now taking bookings for:  Coaching Foundation course 2 April, Grade C Controllers' course in Speyside 16 April.  

06th Jan 16  

Regular Orienteering Map Programme

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The Regular Orienteering Map Programme (ROMP) is back. ROMP is intended as a training facility for individuals or clubs who would like to take the opportunity to orienteer on some of Scotland’s finest terrain. Controls are now out in Inshriach and Loch Vaa.

22nd Dec 15  

Information and resources for coaches

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This page is intended to provide coaches with a single point of access to a variety of information, templates and resources for different aspects of their coaching activity.  Updated 8 November 2015 to remove a couple of broken links.

19th Dec 15  

Funding for UKCC courses

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Online applications

Generous subsidies are available from sportscotland for UKCC coach education courses, to members of SOA clubs.  Applications must now be made online.

15th Dec 15  

Coaching Foundation course

SOA Coach

Two courses in 2016

Now entering its third year, the Coaching Foundation course continues to attract interest.  Two courses are planned for 2016 - on 13 February and 2 April.  This course was designed specifically for experienced orienteers who want to dip their toes into the waters of coaching.

13th Dec 15  

Chasing Perfection

Michael Johnson, Credit:Channel 4

Channel 4 & Open University collaboration

Authored by one of the world’s most successful athletes, Michael Johnson looks at how sports science has changed immeasurably in the last 20 years. Exploring how those changes have impacted on the world of sport, and what role it plays in creating exceptional athletes.
You will be able to learn a lot from watching the programmes and the material on the OU website - as an elite athlete or as a participation orienteer.

22nd Nov 15  

Elite orienteering development

World  of O

International Orienteering Coaches Conference 2015

How do Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland do this?
Follow the Live blog by Jan Kocbach
From Monday August 24th until Wednesday August 26th
Worthwhile following, great material and ideas. What could Scotland take from this and implement?

25th Aug 15  

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