Regular Orienteering Map Programme (ROMP)

A summer ROMP is now available at Loch Vaa, southeast of the railway line and free of capercaillie restrictions.  There are 16 controls in place, and three recommended courses.  The area is technically difficult and physically challenging in places.

A "summer" ROMP is stillavailable in Glenmore Forest for individual training or organised groups including schools.  The area is rough in places but no control site is more than 100 metres from a road, track or path.

26th Jun 18

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16 controls are in place at Loch Vaa. Courses Long (4.6km), Medium (3.2km) and Short (2.0km) are available. BASOC will be staging regular Tuesday training sessions over the summer (evenings).

At Glenmore 20 controls (stakes with numbers and pin punches) have been established with start/finish options either at The Hayfield (Forestry Commission car park) or Glenmore Lodge (by the National Orienteering Centre office). Parking is limited at the latter.  Options include using some or all controls as a score event or other training/coaching options.  

Maps for both areas are available as a free pdf to SOA members or supplied on waterproof paper to all at £3.50 per copy to include postage.  Maps produced using supplied pdfs are charged at £2 per copy to non-SOA members.   Many thanks to the Forestry Commission for their help and agreement on access at Glenmore and Seafield Estates for Loch Vaa.  If capercaillie are seen please advise the Events Manager Colin Matheson and stop any activity in the area.

Please contact for copies of the map or to arrange collection at Glenmore Lodge.

Risk assessments have been completed and available on request - note that the river at Glenmore has been marked as "uncrossable water" and bridges should be used.  Some ditches are currently very deep and full of water.  Ticks may be present in the area and orienteers should be aware of the risk of Lyme disease.  Culicoides impunctatus may be present later in the season.


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ROMP logo

ROMP logo (Full size)

The Hayfield start and finish

The Hayfield start and finish (Full size)

Loch Vaa start and finish (Long course)

Loch Vaa start and finish (Long course) (Full size)

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by Colin Matheson