LiDAR data available

Areas covered updated Oct 2015

Through an agreement with sportscotland (and the Scottish Government) there is now further availability of LiDAR data (Phase 2) for orienteering development purposes only.  This data set supplements the Phase 1 data which has been widely used by orienteering clubs in Scotland.

23rd Oct 15

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Requests for data for orienteering development e.g. mapping should be made to Colin Matheson () and preferably accompanied by an outline map showing the extent of the area required.  The National Grid was used to geo-reference the LiDAR data and maps created using the data should contain an OS Copyright statement.  Though not mandatory please also state “Based on LiDAR data supplied by the Scottish Orienteering Association”.  Note that statements on the BOF website relate to LiDAR data outside Scotland.

Data sets (large!) are provided in an ASCII format than can be imported into recent versions of OCAD.  A Digital Terrain Model (DTM) and Digital Surface Model (DSM) will be provided. On request contour data sets in a dxf format can be provided as well as georeferenced files that can be used as a backdrop in older versions of OCAD. 

The outline maps show coverage for North and South Scotland and KMZ files can be downloaded and will open up in Google Earth. The map shows current coverage and this KMZ file can be downloaded and opened in Google Earth for more detail.

Detailed description of LiDAR and the technology involved, on the SOA website.


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LiDAR coverage map 2015, Credit:Google Earth

LiDAR coverage map 2015 (Full size)

LiDAR coverage map north 2015

LiDAR coverage map north 2015 (Full size)

LiDAR coverage map south 2015

LiDAR coverage map south 2015 (Full size)

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by Colin Matheson