Forest Enterprise Scotland - Agreement

Updated December 2017

There is a revised Master Agreement & Permissions Procedure now in place with Forest Enterprise Scotland (FES).  This Agreement explains the standard procedure to be followed by all orienteering event organisers seeking to gain permission to hold orienteering events on FES Land.

03rd Jan 18

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The Agreement is valid until the end of 2022 and charges are for partial cost recovery of the administration, time and services provided by FES before, during and after all non-SOAC events.  There are no charges for land access as such.  It is worth noting that charging is proportionate to the percentage of the event staged on FES land.  Organisers may choose to stage events under SOAC, and need to decide if permission is required according to the criteria laid out in the document. 

Organisers should note the annual increase in charges when forward planning. Alternatives outside FES land may be more attractive.  The new Orienteering and Access in Scotland guide contains information to help determine ownership including FES land.

FCS and the SOA have a Concordat in place in which both organisations recognise the importance of outdoor recreation, and work within the framework of the Scottish Outdoor Access Code to encourage responsible access.

Link to the FCS-SOA concordat

Downloadable Documents

FES SOA Agreement Dec 2017

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by Colin Matheson