SOUL series 2012 final event and prizegiving

See you all next year on Sat 26 Jan 2013 for SOUL1!

Todays results: SOUL6 Urban results Final SOUL 2012 Standings

Well done to all 13 series winners!

A big entry is anticipated as the race is also a NOPESPORT urban event, and is planned by respected planner and experienced orienteer, Martin Dean of FVO. So far a total of 717 orienteers have completed at least one of the SOUL events suggesting Urban races have a definite appeal, even in Scotland where we have more than our fair share of good classic O terrain.


In the open races, the Men's open has been particularly well contested with the top 7 all having 4 or more counting scores, but Simon Gardner (EUOC) has already secured victory with a 2nd race win of the series at Livingston. The race for the minor placings is close between ESOC clubmates Andrew Dalgleish and his younger rival Andrew Lindsay. In the Women's Open, Kirstin Maxwell (EUOC) has a commanding lead but would be vulnerable to a good result from ESOC's Helen Bridle, currently in 4th but with only 3 counting runs so far.


The junior races have produced some good performances. Calllum White (INVOC) leads the M16- class with 4 good counting scores, but Sascha Chepelin (GRAMP) has 3 wins from 3 races so could overtake him with another good score.

W16- is more open with any one of Lyndsay Robertson (Clyde), Jennifer Ricketts (MAROC) and Carolyn White (MDOC) still in with a chance of winning, but any sort of a score from Lyndsay at Dunblane shouold secure 1st place.

M12- has been a bit less competitive, in part due to the difficulties achieving good courses for juniors in compliance with BOF guidelines on urban events and under 16s. Michael Paterson (Clyde) is the only competitor who can acheive 4 counting events so is strongly placed, with Jake Chapman (MAROC) who has 2 wins from 2, best placed to overtake if Michael slips up. Ewan Musgrave (MAROC) is currently 3rd but only 2 points ahead of Jamie Goddard (FVO) in 4th, who'll be on home turf (tarmac?) for this one.

In W12- Kerry Wood (ESOC) has a narrow 8 point advantage over Kirsten Robertson (Clyde) in 2nd. Alice Wilson (Clyde) in 3rd could sneak a win if there are any slip ups ahead of her.


The veteran classes are always competitive in Urban  races, and the bad news for current MVet leader Dave Robertson (Clyde) is that urban specialist Martin Ward (SYO) currently in 6th place,  is making the trip up from Yorkshire and could overtake him with a win. 7th placed Paddy Walder (Clyde) could also pinch it with a win, but this may be asking a bit much of the planner of the following day's SOL! Rookie Alan Bothwell (TAY) is defending a top 10 place against some stiff competition from old hands Terry O'Brien (STAG), Andrew MacPherson (CLYDE) and Davie Frame (TAY).

A win for current WVet leader Alison Cunningham (ESOC) would secure her the title at Dunblane, but anything less would leave the door open for current 3rd placed Lyndsey Knox (RR) to take it with a race win. A good result for 4th placed Rachel Kirkland (INT) could move her above 2nd placed Eileen Maxwell (RR).

Super Vet

The top 2 in MSVet are fighting it out for a win. Current leader (but also Dunblane planner) Martin Dean (FVO) sits this one out. If he manages to confuse Donald Petrie (Clyde) into any result other than a win then Martin takes the title. A win for Donald will tie the series and give the organiser a bit of a headache with regards to prizes! 3rd place is still up for grabs with Crawford Lyndsay (ESOC) vulnerable to a good result from any one of Robin Strain (ELO), Les Dalgliesh (ESOC) or Ian Ditchfield (MV).

WSVet has been another highly competitive class with Janice Nisbet (ESOC) securing a deserved series victory with wins in the last 2 races. The minor places could still go to any of Sally Lindsay (ESOC), Pauline McAdam (STAG), Amelia Petrie(Clyde) or Sheila Strain (ELO).

Ultra Vet

In MUVet, Ian Pyrah (ESOC) has already sewn up the series title, and Robert Philp (KFO) looks safe in 2nd place. Any sort of a result for Brian Yates (ESOC) should secure 3rd.

An uncharacteristic mispunch at Strathaven for both ESOC clubmates, Eleanor Pyrah and Janet Clark had kept the WUVet result open, but a win for Eleanor at Livingston secured a SuperVet family double alongside Ian. Any result for Janet at Dunblane should secure 2nd spot, but 3rd place is very much up for grabs.

League scores

Updated after SOUL 5 at Livingston (please advise if you spot any anomalies).
Link to the leage table