SOL 1, Elibank, Mar 6

The event used an extended and updated map (by Stirling Surveys).

Standard SOL Courses have been planned. You may do any course you wish but you will only score league points if you run the course allocated to your age class, or a higher course.

The University A Championships for Men will use the Black Course and the A Championships for Women will use the Brown Course. The B Championships for Men will use the Blue Course and the B Championships for Women will take place over the Green Course. All University Novices should enter the Light Green Course.

Parking and indoors Assembly/Registration/Toilets etc will be at Walkerburn Rugby Club from where a minibus shuttle service will take orienteers on a 10 minute drive to and from the nearby forest.

Start Times will be from 10:45 to 13:15. Please allow time for travel on the minibus shuttle.