BTO Urban League 2016

BTO SOUL 2016 podiums

All 36 will receive prizes with trophies and special chocolate prizes (from Alba Chocolates) for the class winners and unique mementos for top 3 in each class.

Prizegiving will be held on Sat 21 Jan at the EUOC big weekend. More details nearer the time. If you cant attend the prizegiving in person please try and get someone to pick up your prize for you!


1 Finlay Raynor M12 INVOC

2 Michael Paterson M12 CLYDE

3 Calum Robertson M10 ESOC


1 Maja Robertson W10 ESOC

2 Morven Farquharson W12 GRAMP

3 Megan Brown W10 ESOC


1 Alasdair Raynor M16 INVOC

2 Alistair Chapman M16 MAROC

3 Marc Heger M16 RR


1 Rachel Brown W14 ESOC

2 Josie Gomersall W16 GRAMP

3 Kirsten Robertson W12 CLYDE


1 Jonny Crickmore M21 EUOC

2 Thomas Wilson M20 EUOC

3 Conor Short M21 EUOC


1 Laura Robertson W21 ESOC

2 Kirstin Maxwell W21 RR

3 Rona Lindsay W21 ESOC


1 Jon Hollingdale M50 MOR

2 Roger Goddard M40 FVO

3 Patrick Walder M45 CLYDE


1 Rachel Kirkland W45 INT

2 Mary Ross W40 INT

3 Helena Nolan W50 ESOC


1 Donald Petrie M55 CLYDE

2 John Embrey M55 DEE

3 Ian Maxwell M55 RR


1 Lindsey Knox W55 RR

2 Pauline McAdam W60 RR

3 Amelia Petrie W60 CLYDE


1 Phil Smithard M65 KFO

2 Douglas Henderson M65 RR

3 Robin Strain M65 ELO


1 Sheila Strain W65 ELO

2 Heather Smithard W65 KFO

3 Eleanor Pyrah W70 ESOC