Main Sporting Seasons

  • Pheasant 1st October to 1st February
  • Partridge 1st September to 1st February
  • Red Grouse 12th August to 10th December
  • Black Grouse 20th August to 10th December
  • Wildfowl (foreshore) 1st September to 20th February
  • Wildfowl (inland) 1st September to 31st January
  • Red Deer and Sika Deer:  stags 1st July to 20th October, hinds 21st October to 15th February
  • Roe Deer:  Bucks 1st April to 20th October, does 21st October to 30th April

In practice the season for Red Deer stalking normally starts in mid-August.
It is general practice not to shoot birds or deer on Sundays.