The JOK Chasing Sprint 2019

Orienteering Live on BBC TV

Orienteering will be broadcast live on Friday June 28 as the JOK Chasing Sprint will be shown on TV and online, via the new BBC Scotland TV channel. Here’s our run-down of the event.

About the JOK Chasing Sprint

The JOK Chasing Sprint was first staged in 1995 and its ‘Flying Pig’ trophies show an illustrious list of previous winners including several former World Champions.

Taking place in the afternoon and evening at Callendar Park, Falkirk, you can watch the climax of the event live between 7pm-9pm as part of “The Adventure Show”.

Entry fees are £14 for senior members of British/Scottish Orienteering, and £7 for juniors/students, with a £2 additional charge for non-member seniors.


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5 Reasons to be part of the JOK Chasing Sprint 2019:

1. Live TV coverage

The Adventure Show will broadcast the JOK Chasing Sprint live on BBC Scotland between 7pm and 9pm. BBC Scotland can be watched on all TV platforms across Scotland and on BBC iPlayer across the UK, so you can tell friends and colleagues across the country to watch you!

2. One of the most distinctive trophies in British Orienteering

The unique "Flying Pig" trophies of the JOK Chasing Sprint
The unique “Flying Pig” trophies of the JOK Chasing Sprint

The Sprint offers the unique “Flying Pig” trophies for the winners, giving winners a unique mantelpiece talking point!

3. An exciting, two-race format

The event is a two-race format which starts with the Prologue, a traditional time trial format. Then it’s the Chase, with start times determined by performances in the Prologue, and the first across the line in each class wins. It’s the Chase which will be broadcast live.

4. Great orienteering terrain and a newly-mapped course

Callendar Park, Falkirk, is contoured parkland with many interesting features including a loch, Callendar House and part of the Antonine Wall – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – as well as being crossed by the John Muir Way. Rising above it to the south is Callendar Wood, varied woodland with a good network of paths and trails.

The competition will use both parkland and the woodland, and the nature of the terrain means that the technical difficulty of the courses will be TD3/TD4 level. This information may be relevant for parents considering whether younger children will manage the Junior 18- courses.

The event will use a brand new map, surveyed in early 2019 by Chris Smithard.

5. Easy to access venue

Callendar Park is a nationally important landscape, and it’s just a few minutes from the M9 motorway. It’s also close to both Falkirk High and Falkirk Grahamston railway stations, and easily accessible from Edinburgh Airport, making it ideal to get to on a Friday afternoon.

Other information:

Where you can watch online

Start times

Start times for the Prologue are expected to be from 4pm-5.20pm, with start lists for the Chase finalised by 6pm. If entry numbers are high, start times may begin earlier.

All races in the Chase are expected to begin from 7.00pm-8.30pm, with all winners decided by 9pm when TV coverage finishes.

Competition Classes

There will be the same classes for both Men and Women:

  • Juniors 18- (i.e. born in 2001 or earlier).
  • Open
  • Veteran 40+
  • Super Veteran 55+
  • Ultra Veteran 65+

The permanent M/W16- Chasing Sprint trophies will go to the top 16- finisher on each Junior course.


The event will use the SportIdent punching system with controls enabled for SIAC contactless punching.

SIAC cards are available for hire within the entry process.

British Orienteering Ranking Points

These will be awarded for the Prologue. Chasing start races are ineligible for ranking status.

Event website

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