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Upcoming orienteering events in Scotland

If you’re a complete beginner, you can choose your first event by date or location. We recommend you begin with an “Activity” or a “Local event” because these are more informal, relaxed and social, but many people are also inspired by soaking up the atmosphere at a larger event. Click here to read more about what to expect at your first event.

Scottish Orienteering Calendar

This calendar shows upcoming orienteering events across Scotland, as well as major and international events further afield.

Types of orienteering events & activities


Non-competitive events used for training and coaching. Aimed at members of the host club, they can attract people from neighbouring clubs. Often ideal for newcomers to try the sport.


Local events with fewer courses and more informal organisation. These are usually aimed at members of the host club, and can attract people from neighbouring clubs. These are usually ideal for newcomers to try the sport.


Medium-sized events with a wide selection of courses. As well as locals, these often attract many people from other orienteering clubs, with attendances around 100-250.


Large regional events such as Scottish O League Events, with attendances often 300/400+.


National orienteering championships such as the Scottish and British Championships. Often have more than 1,000 entrants.


Events which are hosted in different countries each year - such as the World Orienteering Championships, which will take place in Edinburgh in 2022.

Search by location – British Orienteering Calendar

All orienteering fixtures across the UK are registered with British Orienteering and listed on their website; search for an event in Scotland at:


Results from orienteering events and competitions are listed on the British Orienteering website:

Changes to event details

All details on this calendar are pulled automatically from the British Orienteering activity and events calendars. If you believe there should be changes to a particular event, please contact the relevant club fixtures secretary, who can contact the SOA Fixtures Secretary if they have any questions.