Scottish Champs 2018 Relay

Final details

Sunday 27th May, Roseisle

Simple results and split times

PDF showing course variations (1.8MB)

Scottish Individual and Relay Champions

Crawford Lindsay's photographs of the relay and the prizegiving


Hosted by: Moravian Orienteers
Organisers: Nikki Howard and Elizabeth Furness, MOR (email: Nikkihoward ‘at’
Planner: Jon Hollingdale, MOR
Controller: Hilary Quick, BASOC

26th May 18

Scottish Relay Champs 2018 - Roseisle. Credit: Anne BurgessScottish Relay Champs 2018 - Roseisle. Credit: Anne BurgessClub captains should collect Relay team numbers and SI cards hired just for Relay from
Enquiries tent at the Individual day, and in extremis from 9.00am on the day of the event.

Numbers must be worn by all competitors.
Any change of team members/SI numbers must be made using a Change Form available from
Enquiries on the Individual Day or first thing at the event.

Relay teams for individual competitors who would like to run

So long as we have been notified in advance (email), we will compile team sheets as best we can and recommend that you come to Enquiries tent on Saturday as soon as possible after 1500 to see what's available.

Cost will be £12 per person for adults and £6 per person for juniors (whatever class). Please pay with cash/cheque on the day.


If you are coming from the Grantown direction to Forres please note there is a bridge closed on the A940 Grantown to Forres Road at Edinkillie Church and cars should travel via the Ferness to Logie road.

Parking will be mainly behind the sea wall in Burghead with additional parking, if required, on nearby roads. To avoid congestion on narrow streets, all vehicles must approach the parking via B9013 and Church Road; the route will be clearly signed and marshalled. Parking may be tight, so please consider sharing transport if possible.

Max distance from Assembly 1.5km

There is hard standing for coaches; you must let the organiser know if you are planning on bringing a coach.

It will NOT be possible to drop off club tents – or people – as you pass the Assembly area. Please do not attempt to do so. We are providing a club tent transfer service from the Individual Day and these will be ready to pick up as you walk in to the Relay Assembly field from parking. To take advantage of this service Club tents must be deposited by 1700 in the designated area near Enquiries at the Individual Day.


Assembly area

The assembly area is in a field just outside the wood; all competitors and spectators must approach and leave via the main road in Burghead. NO-ONE may take routes through the caravan park/adjacent side-roads.

There will be plenty space for club tents and banners.

ONosh and Compass Point are expected.

Public toilets are located by the harbour (end of Church St); there are event toilets at Assembly.


Start information

Collect your map in good time from the map issue tent before your start or expected handover. Your bib number will be visible on the sticker. There will be an SI clear station on the way in to Map Issue and a check box on exit. Start when tagged by your incoming runner.

Runners waiting in the start pen should not go to the changeover point until the incoming runner is in sight.

Teams that changeover beyond the start line will be disqualified.

Incoming runners will not be announced - look out for your teammates.

All senior classes will start at 10.30am, with call up 20 minutes before at 10.10am (117 teams need to collect their maps).

Junior classes M/W 36- and M/W44- will start at 10.40am, with call up 10 minutes before at 10.30am

All courses: the route from the start kite to the first control includes a section of path which features a raised manhole cover - please take care!

A mini-mass start will happen at around 12:30am for all remaining second and third leg runners. Teams participating in the mini-mass start will be competitive based on total running times.

Courses will close at 2.00pm.



Download will be in the event arena next to the finish. Please remember to download.

Hired SI cards must be returned after the relay at download.



Roseisle, like its neighbours Culbin and Lossie, was planted between the wars to stabilise shifting sand dunes; the resulting open pine forest on complex topography is perfect for orienteering. The event is at the less-frequently-used (for orienteering) northern end of the forest, which contains the most physically and technically challenging terrain: the biggest and steepest dunes are in the coastal strip while further inland there are areas of lower visibility forest containing smaller dunes and knolls.

Roseisle is a working forest, with a good network of forest roads and many smaller paths. Much of the area has been thinned at least once and debris from thinning operations reduces runnability in some areas. Roseisle is also a very popular recreation forest; please be aware of and courteous to walkers, cyclists and horse-riders.

The competition area is bounded to the north east by the B9013 and to the east by the B9089. Both are forbidden to orienteers and will be overprinted on the map with the purple “x” symbol. To the west is Burghead Bay: the beach is in-bounds to orienteers and may provide viable route-choices (if the tide is out J).

The area is bisected by the Alves - Burghead railway line, which is crossed (twice) by all courses except Yellow. As the last scheduled service was in 1992, you may cross at any point, noting that the line runs through a deep cutting in places, and is flanked on both sides by fences in variable states of disrepair: please beware loose strands of wire.

Yellow course: the Yellow course is predominantly on narrow, uneven and twisty single-track paths - the route is clear but there are exposed roots and stumps providing potential trip hazards. Take care!

An old map of the competition area is available at the Moravian Routegadget:



The event will have the first use of a new map produced 2017/18 based on LiDAR data supplied by the Scottish Orienteering Association. The map was originally drawn at 1:10,000, using symbol sizes appropriate for 1:15,000 and then blown up to 1:7,500 for this event.

In other respects the map has been drawn to the ISOM 2017, using the updated symbols e.g. for railway; and conventions, e.g. the (blue) grid north lines are 300m apart.

There is one additional significant divergence from ISOM 2017 for this event: the course overprint, which for clarity uses lines of 0.35mm and control circles of 6mm diameter rather than the greatly expanded lines and circles required by the spec.

All courses will use the same map         Size A4
Scale 1:7,500                                       Contour interval 2.5m

All courses will have pictorial control descriptions on the front of the map.
The Yellow course map will also have control descriptions in text format on the front of the map (i.e. Yellow maps will have two sets of control descriptions).


Mapping notes

A number of features have been omitted for clarity:

  • An overhead powerline
  • A line of concrete anti-tank blocks on the beach each approx. 1.5m high (The significantly larger concrete blockhouses are mapped)
  • Various items of play equipment in the Assembly field
  • A great many minor trails, especially in the coastal dune strip and near Burghead
  • Various hides and crude shelters

Please note the following mapping convention:

All courses pass through an area of slow run forest which has been line-thinned. The extraction lanes are very distinct and have been mapped with white lines, as per the extract shown.


Championship Classes

The handicap courses allow teams with different age-class composition to compete head to head. Each team member has an age-related handicap and the courses to be run are determined by the sum of these handicaps. The winning team will be the first across the finishing line after completing three legs.  The final punch is after the finish (or changeover) - please stay in order.

Class Courses to be run
1. Men's Open A   A   A
2. Handicap: 8+ point A   B   C
3. Handicap: 11+ point / Women's Open B   C   C
4. Handicap: 14+ point B   D   C
5. Handicap: 17+ point C   D   C
6. Handicap: 20+ point D   D   C
7. Junior: Total BOF age 44- LG   O   LG
8. Junior: Total BOF age 36- Y   Y   O

Course details

(Subject to final controlling)

Lengths & (minimum) climb (subject to final controlling)

Course TD Length Climb Controls
A courses 5 6.0-6.1km 150m 25
B courses 5 5.1-5.2km 130m 20
C courses 5 4.4-4.5km 110m 18
D courses 5 3.5-3.6km 95m 15
Light Green 4 3.2-3.3km 90m 12
Orange 3 2.5km 55m 10
Yellow 2 2.2km 25m 10
  • Courses A –D planned for 35 minutes winning time for good M21, W21, M60 and W60 respectively
  • Yellow and Orange courses are not gaffled.
  • SI units will be mounted horizontally on a stake with numbers on the top. A sample unit will be located near Enquiries.



Results will be displayed on screens in the Assembly area.


Trophies & prizes

There are six Scottish Relay Champions’ Trophies awarded to Scottish Clubs in the following categories: M/W36-, M/W44-, Junior, Men’s Open, Women’s Open and Age-Class. The Junior winners are the first team comprising three juniors. The Age-class winners are the first team with at least one senior runner.

There will be mementoes for other course winners, regardless of composition or nationality.

Prize-giving will take place as soon as possible after the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place runners have finished, hopefully by 1pm. If your club is a 2017 trophy holder please return the trophy to Enquiries on the Individual Day.



We would like to thank the Burghead community, particularly the Football Club and St Aethans Bowling Club, and Forest Enterprise Scotland.

Posted on 26th May 18