Scottish Champs 2018 Individual

Preliminary details

Saturday 26th May, Achagour and Dulsie

Hosted by: INVOC
Organisers: Kevin Holliday and Guy Seaman, INVOC
(email events at
Planner: Laurence Cload, INVOC
Controller: Richard Oxlade, GRAMP

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23rd Mar 18

INVOC and MOR would like to welcome you to Achagour and Dulsie for the
Individual Event of the Scottish Orienteering Championships on Saturday 26 May.

The Strath of Findhorn has provided excellent orienteering for WOC and the Scottish 6 Days championships at Darnaway, Coulmony and Belivat (Day 6 of Moray 2013).

Achagour may be familiar to you from the first day of Highland 2015, with its subtle contour detail and open heather moor, combined with a patchwork of marshes and woodlands. The map has been professionally extended to the south, adding more complex topography in woodlands.



Achagour Trout Fisheries, Achagour Farm, Ardclach by Nairn IV12 5UY

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Senior: £17
Junior: £8
Si hire available
Non BOF members- £1 supplement.

There will also be a selection of non-Championship Colour courses:
White/ Yellow/ Orange/ Light Green/Green. These are intended for novice
orienteers and local club members, and are open to all.

Seniors £8
Junior £5
Plus dibber hire and/or BOF Supplement

Entry on the Day will be available for Colour Courses, but to ensure a map is available pre-entry is encouraged.



Course Distance Class
1 10.5 M21E
2 8.7 M18E, M20E, M21L, M35L, M40L, W21E
3 7.5 M45L, M50L
4 6.7 M18L, M20L, M21S, M55L, W21L
5 6.6 M16A, M60L
6 4.8 M35S, M40S, W18E, W20E, W35L, W40L
7 5.1 M21V, M45S, M65L, W45L, W50L
8 4.9

M20S, M50S, M55S, M70L, W16A, W18L, W20L, W21S, W55L

9 5.1

M60S, M75L, W35S, W60L

10 4.1

M65S, W40S, W45S, W50S, W65L, W70L

11 3.2

M18S, M70S, M75S, M80, W18S, W20S, W21V, W55S, W60S, W75, W80

12 3.1

M85, M90, W65S, W70S

13 1.6

W85, W90

14 4.2

M14A, M16B

15 3.5

W14A, W16B

16 3.6

M12A, M14B, W12A, W14B

17 2.2

M10A, M12B, W12B, W10A

18 1.6

M10B, W10B

Courses and distances subject to final planning.

Parking has been arranged in a field.
Assembly will be within 300m of parking.

Please contact the organiser if you are intending to bring a coach or a motorhome
with limited turning capacity.

The start will be 700m from assembly.
The finish will be adjacent to the lochs, beside the assembly.

Assembly and the routes to the start and from the finish will be alongside the fish
ponds. Please ensure that children are supervised at all times, and please watch out
for each other at the water’s edge.



Results will be displayed on screens in the Assembly area.


Trophies and Prizes

Individual Trophies for M/W Elite (Winner, first Native Scot and first Scottish club
member) and for all eligible class winners. Please refer to www.scottish-
for eligibility guidelines for

Mementos will be awarded for 1st/2nd/3rd places in all Individual Long and A classes,
to 1stin Adult (M/W 21+) Short classes and 1st/2nd/3rd in Junior (M/W 20-) Short
and B classes; all competitors are eligible.



Accommodation can be found from a number of sources.
> Visit Scotland

The Walkhighlands website has an excellent accommodation search feature as well
as lots of info if you fancy a walk while you're here.

Posted on 23rd Mar 18