Scottish Champs 2018 Individual

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Saturday 26th May, Achagour and Dulsie


Simple results and split times
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Scottish Individual and Relay Champions


Photos by Wendy Carlyle

Hosted by: INVOC
Organisers: Kevin Holliday and Guy Seaman, INVOC
(email events at
Planner: Laurence Cload, INVOC
Controller: Richard Oxlade, GRAMP

26th May 18

INVOC and MOR would like to welcome you to Achagour and Dulsie for the Individual Event of the Scottish Orienteering Championships on Saturday 26 May.

The Strath of Findhorn has provided excellent orienteering for WOC and the SixDays championships at Darnaway, Coulmony and Belivat (Day 6 of Moray 2013).  Achagour may be familiar to you from the first day of Highland 2015, with its subtle contour detail and open heather moor, combined with a patchwork of marshes and woodlands. The map has been professionally extended to the south, adding more complex topography in woodlands.



Achagour Trout Fisheries, Achagour Farm, Ardclach by Nairn IV12 5UY

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From the South and East

Take either the B9007 from Carrbridge, the A939 from Grantown, or the B9007 from Forres to Ferness. Continue north out of Ferness on the A939 and pass the first sign for Ardclach.  2.6 miles beyond Ferness note the signpost to Ardclach Bell Tower. Turn left onto the unclassified road and follow the orienteering signs. 

A time lapse of Ferness to Achagour:

Ferness to Achagour from Kevin Cholliday on Vimeo.

From the North and West

After the traffic lights under the railway bridge in Nairn, proceed south on the A939 signposted for Grantown on Spey for 7.2 miles to a right turn which is signposted to Ardclach Bell Tower. Turn right onto the unclassified road and follow the orienteering signs.

Please proceed carefully into the event. The local residents may be travelling against the flow of traffic. Please be considerate and use the passing places to allow them to progress.



Parking will be in the fields around the Trout Fishery. 
No exit from Parking before 1pm.
Parking £3 per car/ van.

Vehicles will be parked 300m from assembly. We are not expecting any buses. Please contact the organiser if you are intending bringing a bus. 
Large vans unable to make a sharp turn through a 3.3m gate will be parked in hard standing. Please inform the parking marshal beside the fishermans hut if this is likely to apply to you.

From parking please walk to the fence line beside the pond and then along it, to ensure separation of motor and pedestrian traffic.



There will be a string course in close proximity to the Assembly.






Assembly and the routes to the start and from the finish will be alongside the fish ponds. Please ensure that children are supervised at all times, and please watch out for each other at the waters edge.

There are pylons above the assembly area. Banners must not be placed around Assembly. Banners are only permitted on the opposite shore from Assembly. They should only be assembled and dismantled beside the club tents.

Due to the pylons, please be extra careful with tent poles/banners. 

The waters edge must be kept clear, both for the fishermen and for the safety of orienteers. Please do not obstruct the view of the water with tents or vehicles. Please be aware of the risk of a casting fisherman fly and give the fishermen as much room as possible by walking on the far side of any paths/ roads from the waters edge.

Please set club tents as far back from the waters edge as possible, in the rough grass area. This must happen to ensure the separation of orienteers from casting fishermen along the run in. Please respond appropriately to requests to move the club tent as it is, primarily an issue of competitor safety.

Assembly will contain Information and Registration, First Aid. 

If you are lucky enough to be in possession of either Individual or Relay trophies for the Scottish Championships, please return them to Registration.

There will be a drop off point for club tents for Day 2 Relays. These tents will be transported to the relay assembly area.

CompassPoint and ONosh will be adjacent to Assembly.
There will be a ScotJos cake tent. It is the belief of the organiser that this produce may be performance enhancing and legal.

Portaloos will be available adjacent to assembly. Due to its close proximity there will be no loos at the start.



Achagour is a working farm and is coming to the end of their lambing season. Dogs are permitted around the ponds. They must be kept on leads and under control at all times. Dog mess must be collected and removed by dog owners. It is particularly important to ensure that no dog mess is left in the car parking field as livestock including lambs will be returning after the event.



There have been some adjustments to the scale of some classes ignorer to comply with age group guidelines. Only classes 1, 2 and 6 will be 1 in 15,000.

Course Distance (km) Climb No. of controls Scale Class
1 12.6 245m 27 15


2 8.9 195m 18 15 M18E, M20E, M21L, M35L, M40L, W21E
3 7.2 170m 14 10 M45L, M50L
4 6.6 160m 12 10 M18L, M20L, M21S, M55L, W21L
5 5.9 135m 12 10

M16A, M60L

6 5.4 140m 14 15 M35S, M40S, W18E, W20E, W35L, W40L
7 5.1 110m 12 10 M21V, M45S, M65L, W45L, W50L
8 4.7 90m 13 10

M20S, M50S, M55S, M70L, W16A, W18L, W20L, W21S, W55L

9 4.4 65m 12 10

M60S, M75L, W35S, W60L, Green

10 3.6 80m 12 10

M65S, W40S, W45S, W50S, W65L, W70L

11 3.2 80m 10 10

M18S, M70S, M75S, M80, W18S, W20S, W21V, W55S, W60S, W75, W80

12 2.9 60m 12 10

M85, M90, W65S, W70S, W85, W90

14 4.3 85m 14 10

Light Green, M14A, M16B

15 3.3 55m 9 10

W14A, W16B

16 3.8 65m 14 10

M12A, M14B, Orange, W12A, W14B

17 2.3 40m 10 10

M10A, M12B, W10A, W12B, Yellow

18 1.7 20m 10 10

M19B, W10B, White


Course 13 not used


Entries & kit hire

Online entries have now closed. Entry on the Day will be available for Colour Courses. Please note that the White course and string course is unsuitable for pushchairs.

Due to the vintage of our Si units, traditional punching of si units will be used. Competitors are not recommended to rely on contactless punching as the units are unlikely to be capable of this.

Si hire will be available at Registration.

There will be a selection of non Championship Colour courses-
White/ Yellow/ Orange/ Light Green/Green. These are intended for novice orienteers and local club members, and are open to all.
Seniors £8
Junior £5
Plus dibber hire and/or BOF Supplement



Car park open to competitors
One way in/out
One way in until 13:00/One way out after 13:00
Registration open 10:00-14:00

Starts courses 1-16

Starts courses 17-18



Courses 1-16 close

Courses 17-18 close



Relay registation open 14:00-17:00



Registration will be in the Assembly field, and will be open from 10:00 to 14:00 for dibber hire, entry on the day, information, and issue of White and Yellow course maps, and thereafter for Information only. Note that the last start time for White and Yellow courses is 14:00; you will need ten minutes to get to the start.

Maps: Stirling Surveys has updated maps to ISOM2017, extended it south from the original map and updated the map overall. The most noticeable change is that north lines are now 300 metres apart and overprint symbols on 1:15,000 maps (some classes in Long Distance) are reduced in size to 5mm.

Terrain: Used for the Scottish Six Day in 2015 and other events since, Achagour has a mixture of pine plantation forest and open heather moorland. A patchwork of marshes and subtle contour detail throughout. The map has been extended into areas not previously used by orienteering to provide a new challenge for all. In the early forest area there are direction lines of runnability shown, these tend to offer greater running potential than the wide rides. Green (fight) is generally gorse in the moorland areas and horrible to get through – you have been warned!

There are a number of fences crossing the area, some of these are barbed wire. On the shorter courses crossing points have been provided for the main barbed wire fence, but fences can be crossed anywhere. Please let the organisers know if damage is caused to a fence. 

There is an archery area nearby, this is out of bounds and is marked as such on the map. The area is used by quad bikes and there could be some additional unmarked tracks. There are also some unmarked extraction lanes in the northern forest on the longer courses.

Most courses will cross a marsh or two. For the Yellow course some yellow/black tape has been used to steer competitors around the worst of the marsh area. 

There is some agricultural machinery on the courses. Please avoid it.
There is orange and black tape on some courses. It is not ours, it is not relevant to courses.

Be wary of the possibility of barbed wire in the undergrowth especially in the vicinity of the farmhouse.

Controls: Traditional SI units are being used – there is no SIAC in use.

Shadowing: Shadowing is permitted on the White and Yellow courses but the junior must declare as Non Competitive. Shadowers must have completed participation in the Championships before re-entering the course area. Shadowers must not take an additional map.



There will be one start for all courses. It is approximately 700 metres from the assembly. There is a stream to cross between the ponds on the way to the start.

A warm up course is available on route to the start. Map numbers will be limited and are intended for Elite Course competitors only.

Start Procedures

Start times have been pre-allocated and enquiries will have a list of available slots for colour coded competitors. 

It is our intention to publish start times on the Si website on Tuesday 22nd.

We have decided to use Punching starts with allocated start times. We wish to facilitate the safe supervision of children around the ponds by those with split starts, hence the introduction of flexibility of a punching start. Competitors must punch a starting unit at the start time. This is a significant amendment to previous instructions.

Competitors must make every effort to start at their published time.There may be a significant wait until a suitable starting slot is available.

There will be call ups at minus 4 minutes to allow for checking of SI units, collection of control descriptions and sight of the competition map. It is at the discretion of the Late Start official to allow you through to your start on time if you are 1-3 minutes late. 

Some discretion in starting arrangements may be made for split starts and helpers.

Maps: Maps are at 1:10,000 and 1:15,000 all printed on waterproof paper. Most courses are A4 sized. Courses 3, 4 and 5 will be A3. Maps are laser printed (contrary to guidelines) with a Scale of 1:15000 for Courses 1, 2 and 6 and 1:10000 for all other courses. Map box layouts are shown at the start.

Control Descriptions: Control descriptions are printed on the map and loose descriptions will be available in the start lanes. The box size is 6mm for all but Courses 1 and 2 (5mm). 

The International Specification for Control Descriptions 2018 will be used. Some proposed changes in the draft specification e.g. boulders to dots were not implemented. There is a brief guide to changes at 

Run-through and Spectator Control: Unfortunately, the area does not permit a sensible run-through or spectator control.



The Finish for all courses is in in the race arena, and runners can be cheered on by their club mates by the club tents. Time stops when you punch the finish control. Please proceed directly to the Download tent and if there are any issues you will be taken aside to deal with an official. Maps should be put in a club collection bag for collection after 14.00. Thanks go to Sainsbury’s for supply of plastic bags - please re-use or recycle.

All competitors must report to Download whether or not they complete their course.



Results will not be displayed on screens in the Assembly area. If the network has capacity, we will publish live results on the web.


Trophies and prizes

Individual Trophies for M/W Elite (Winner, first Native Scot and first Scottish club
member) and for all eligible class winners. Please refer to www.scottish-
for eligibility guidelines for

Mementos will be awarded for 1st/2nd/3rd places in all Individual classes, Short and B classes; all competitors are eligible.

The prize-giving will be held as soon as possible after the relay races on Sunday 21st. If mementoes are not collected by winners at the prizegiving on Sunday, we will redistribute them as we deem appropriate.

If you have any trophies in your possession, please bring them to the Registration tent as soon as possible after you arrive. We have a newly updated list of trophies and we may come looking for you.

Hopefully the sun will shine as much as the courses will challenge.
We look forward to displaying highland orienteering at its very best to you.


Safety & medical information

A risk assessment has been carried out, but competitors take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event. 

The event is located at a fishery with a series of ponds with stepped banks. Event facilities will be placed away from the waterfront, however, please keep clear of the water edge. There may be some fishermen on the lochs, and their casting lines will present a hazard. Please act responsibly by giving as much space as possible to the fishermen.  Responsible seniors must supervise children , particularly if they are likely to be in the proximity of the water and/or fishermen.

Cagoules may be compulsory for competitors, in which case signs will be displayed at Information. Competitors are advised to carry a whistle.
If temperatures are higher than average there may be a risk of dehydration. No water will be provided; please bring your own. 

Note you will get wet feet on all courses. There are some fences to cross, shorter courses will have marked crossing points, where these are available please use them. 

There is some agricultural machinery on the courses. Please avoid it.
There is orange and black tape on some courses. It is not ours, it is not relevant to courses.

Hygiene: Deer and livestock roam the event area and their droppings may contain serious diseases, including e-coli, so please wash hands, especially before eating.
Please be TICK AWARE and check yourself thoroughly after your run for ticks. If you are unsure how to remove a tick safely then please visit the first aid tent.

If you have an underlying medical condition please download and complete a form from and hand to Information, where there will also be a supply of forms. These will be destroyed after the event if not used.
If you think you will take a long time, please ask for an early start time.
There will be a box for car keys at Information. Solo travellers: there will also be forms/envelopes for your use to help us identify your car should you be late back, please use them.


Protests & Complaints

There is a procedure which all competitors should follow if they feel that the Rules are not being followed. Any complaint should initially be discussed with the Event Organiser, using the Complaints/Protests form: complaint protest form Sept2014.pdf available from Enquiries. However any approach should bear in mind that Event Officials are volunteers who have given up their valuable time to lay on the event, often under circumstances which are not ideal. If the complaint is not resolved satisfactorily then a protest can be lodged with the Controller. The Controller will then, if necessary, convene a Jury.



Accommodation can be found from a number of sources.
> Visit Scotland

The Walkhighlands website has an excellent accommodation search feature as well
as lots of info if you fancy a walk while you're here.

Posted on 26th May 18