Information sources for Event Officials

This page provides links to various sources of information and guidance for event organisers, planners and controllers.

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Condes Screen shot

Condes for course planning

The Condes User Guide has been updated (May 2013) with a small addition showing how to add a second map file.

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Osprey radio controls

Radio Controls for Orienteering

Quick Guide for SOA Events
This is to give an idea of the principles of Radio Controls and commentary and provide some guidance and best practice for their use.

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orienteeringtvuk video

Dynamic stretching explained

Paul Murgatroyd, in this YouTube video, explains the how and why of warming up prior to orienteering, including info about dynamic stretching.

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Materials for Junior Incentive Scheme

Materials for the Junior Incentive Scheme have been updated as required to reflect recent changes, particularly to event structure and the badge schemes.  The documents can be downloaded or obtained as hardcopy from the National Centre;  folders are available on request from the National Centre.  Some documents are intended for editing by…

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Beginners guide video

An excellent guide has been made by a Southdowns Orienteers junior, you can view the video on the YouTube website.

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A-Z Jargon Buster

Like any sport we have our share of jargon, find out what a ‘Dibber’ is and what a ‘Re-entrant’ looks like, along with many other things.

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What to do at your first event

A brief guide for everyone considering going orienteering for the first time.
The first part of these notes is intended for people who are about to go to an orienteering event.

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Orienteering Techniques by Gareth Bryan-Jones

The 2012 edition of this extremely popular booklet is now available.

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