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Level A B & C events in Scotland

An explanation of how events are graded:

  • Level A - Major national championships eg Scottish Champs, British Champs etc. (attendances often 1,000+)
  • Level B - Major regional events such as Scottish O League Events (attendances often 300/400+)
  • Level C - Medium sized events with a wide selection of courses - tend to attract reasonable numbers of people from other clubs (attendances 100-250)
  • Level D - Local events with fewer courses and more informal organisation. Usually aimed at members of the host club, but they can attract people from neighbouring clubs.

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Scottish 6 Days 2017

6 Days 2017 logo

Royal Deeside

The 21st Scottish 6-day event is being held in Royal Deeside between the 30th July and 5th August 2017.
This will be the 4th time the 6-Days has come to Deeside (1983, 1993, 2005) and the event will use some of our best areas with a variety of terrain, superb arenas and car parking and stunning views to the hills and mountains around Deeside.
Entries are now open on the Scottish 6 Days website.

01st Dec 16

Scottish Score Championships 2016


Palacerigg Country Park, Cumbernauld

The annual score orienteering competition, in which as many controls as possible should be visited in any order in a fixed time period.

Palacerigg with its mixture of runnable woodland and open land being used courtesy of Stag with map recently updated by Terry O'Brien.


28th Nov 16

The AUOC 100

AUOC logo

Further update: the event is now registered as a Gramp event and covered by all the usual.


Please note: this event is held independent of SOA/BOF. This means that the framework that is in place for registered events (covering for example regulations and insurance) does not apply. The event is organised under Sports Union cover. Please address any questions to the organisers.

If this changes before the event then this note will be updated.

- - -

Join Aberdeen Uni Orienteering Club's first ever 100 control point race on Sun 27th November; enter by Wed 23rd Nov - option for 50 point race also.

26th Nov 16  

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