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The minutes of the Board meeting held on 28th Jan 2017

21st Mar 17  

SOA BOARD VACANCY: Independent Director

We are seeking to appoint an Independent Director who will bring fresh and challenging thinking to our Board of Directors. SOA has not had such a position before, but requirements to demonstrate good governance and meet relevant standards in sport have increased and it is essential that we appoint an independent voice.

20th Mar 17  

SOA Event levies 2017

It has been some years since SOA levies were increased and there was no proposal to change this at the SOA AGM on 21st May 2016. Subsequent to this on 29th October 2016 a motion to substantially increase the BOF levies was passed at a BOF EGM. In response to this and to ease the burden on clubs in the face of rising costs the SOA has decided to raise the SOA levy threshold from £8 to £10. (This does not require approval by the SOA AGM). There is no change to the SOA levy rate. 

07th Mar 17  

SOA subscriptions 2017

A change was proposed to increase membership rates at the AGM on 21st May 2016. The senior rate is now £8, and there are no charges for juniors or clubs.

07th Mar 17  

Notice of SOA Annual General Meeting 2017

The AGM will be held following the Scottish Individual Championships on Saturday 20th May, 5.30-6.30pm at The Golf Inn, Gullane, East Lothian

07th Feb 17  

Join our board! Positions available

Help shape the SOA - positions of Board Secretary, Development Director and Finance Director will be elected at the AGM in May

07th Feb 17  

SOA Club Development Fund

The SOA Club Development Fund is being redistributed and there may be only one round of applications in 2017.  Clubs (or others who have valid projects) are advised that the next deadline for applications for the SOA Club Development Fund is 15th May 2017. Applications to be submitted to Colin Matheson by this date. 

Please note the successful awards from 2016 and copy of the Development Fund Application Form and Information for Applicants

01st Feb 17  

Volunteer position: Trophy Coordinator


SOA is looking for a volunteer to coordinate the SOA trophies that are awarded to the various classes at Scottish Championships in different disciplines and the Scottish Orienteering League.

22nd Oct 16  

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