National Centre course schedule

LATEST ITEMS:  Event Safety Workshop to be run in Forres in June.

23rd Mar 16

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Adult Beginners/improvers' days and weekends

Whatever your standard, we guarantee you'll learn a lot on our coaching weekends.  Come for one day or both;  usual fee £30 per person per day, £10 discount for SOA members (all non-residential).  Maximum 6 people to 1 coach.  Licensed coaches get the day free in return for preparing and delivering a session.  We use top quality Speyside forests, exquisite maps and the best local tea-rooms.  The two-fold aim is simply to have fun while learning or improving your orienteering.  All the tuition is carefully geared to suit YOUR needs.

The next weekend planned for 2016 will be in October - date to be confirmed.

Teaching Orienteering courses

Unless stated otherwise, book by e-mail to Hilary Quick via the Contacts page.

Teaching Orienteering Part 1

Course fee £70 per person (except for courses marked *)
23 May - Inverkeithing 
27 May - Dundee CANCELLED
6 June - Inverness  CANCELLED
7 June - Fife  CANCELLED
15 Oct - Glenmore Lodge

Some of these dates are liable to change to suit local requirements, in which case this list will be changed promptly. 

Teaching Orienteering Part 2

Course fee £85 per person.

16 Oct - Glenmore Lodge

Young Leader Award

Please contact us if you'd like this course to be run.  


Coaching Foundation course

This one-day course is for experienced orienteers who are members a SOA club.  Evidence is required of competence at TD4.  Further details are available on a separate page.  Course fee (SOA members) is £20, to cover lunch and venue costs.

course to be arranged during the summer - watch this space!
October - course likely to be run at Glenmore Lodge

If places are available, qualified coaches may attend this course as a refresher.

UKCC Level 1 Coach

For 2-day Level 1 courses, candidates must first have attended a Coaching Foundation course (see above).   

17-18 September (2-day course) - Glenmore Lodge.  Course fee £250.

Subsidies are usually available from sportscotland for this course, for eligible candidates.

UKCC Level 2 Coach

Course fees for 2016 vary according to venue.

Please note this is a 3 day course (plus 1 assessment day) and candidates should normally attend all 3 days of the same course.  Post-course work is then completed before final assessment, which must be within 2 years.

8-9 October - Glenmore Lodge.  Course fee £300.  Candidates might be eligible for subsidy from sportscotland.  Closing date 15 September 2016.

UKCC Level 3 Coach

This course ran 6-8 November 2015 (plus some separate additional dates).  Next scheduled course likely to be 2017 or 2018. though some of the topics will be covered in CPD sessions in the meantime.

SOA Creative Coach CPD Days 2016

Four Saturday sessions with an underlying the theme of "working together to strengthen coaching in the area", with specialist topics to provide the focus.  Three of these sessions form part of the UKCC Level 3 training, although attendance isn't limited to people who are committed to that qualification.  Our "mental" session in April will be followed by:

25 June - Kinnoull (near Perth) - Coaching the whole person:  what else is going on in the athlete's life, the coach-athlete relationship, nutrition and drugs

3 September - Deeside - technical coaching 

24 September - Musselburgh - disability awareness

In addition, some Coach CPD sessions will be included in the Volunteers' Weekend, 13-15 May at Glenmore Lodge.

SOA Creative Coach CPD Days 2015

All of our sessions have now taken place...  output is being consolidated.

SOA Creative Coach CPD Days 2014 

We have completed this year's series of CPD sessions.  Throughout the year our focus has been on sharing best ideas and producing useful materials for all coaches in Scotland.  Attention now turns to the production of the cards.

SOA Coach Activity Days 2013 - "Coaching Together"

During 2013 we held two Activity Days, both focussed on coaching of techniques for terrain running.  Handouts can be downloaded from Coach CPD Days 2013 page

Coach Educator/Tutor updates

Tutor update planned for February has been cancelled - written update has been issued.  Next CPD meeting will be in Spring 2017.


SOA Club Development Conference

The next Club Development Conference will be later in 2016.

Volunteers' Weekend

We held another enjoyable and informative Volunteers' Weekend 13-15 May;  reports and other information is on the separate page.

Event Safety Workshop

June? date tbc - Dalbeattie
24 May - Inverness
8 June (?) - Forres
date tbc - Edinburgh or Glasgow

Event Organisers' Workshop

This is often combined with the Event Safety Workshop for a comprehensive training session for event officials.

Grade C Controllers’ course

next course likely to be early 2017

Grade B Controllers’ course

next course likely to be late 2016 or early 2017


Planners’ course, Condes, SI and OCAD Workshops

These are often run locally;  please phone to discuss your requirements.  Currently available:

Planners' course

This course can be delivered within clubs by a competent planner with tutoring skills.

Condes workshop

This can be delivered by a competent person in the club, or can be done as a self-teach module, using the Condes worksheet.

OCAD workshop

can be arranged in response to local demand - please get in touch

SI workshop

can be arranged in response to local demand - please get in touch.

Please send e-mail to enquire or to book a place on a course.  We will then send you a booking form if this is required for your chosen course.
Closing dates:  Bookings will not normally be accepted after the closing date, where one is stated.  For some courses, an early closing date is necessary in order to obtain course resources.

Most courses are run at Glenmore Lodge;  it is our preferred venue for several reasons, not least the fact that we’ve got an excellent range of areas nearby which are suitable for a wide variety of activities.  The course schedule is constantly changing, with latest additions or cancellations outlined in the summary as above.

Courses will be confirmed or cancelled within 24 hours of their stated closing date.  We recommend that you don’t commit to accommodation etc. until your course has been confirmed. 

We aim to acknowledge bookings as soon as possible after receiving the form, so if you don’t get an acknowledgement, please phone.  It has been known for people to send things to wrong addresses, whether e-mail or postal, and sometimes even for people to think they’ve sent things when in fact they haven’t.

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