Scottish Championships Relay

Sunday 21st May, Binning Wood

Provisional information, please keep in mind that these details may change; they will be updated or corrected as new information becomes available.

Newly remapped and derhodoed, with a complex ride network unchanged since the original 1755 map.

10th Apr 17

Hosted by Interlopers Orienteering Club.
Organiser: Max Carcas
Planner: Graeme Ackland
Controller: Paul Caban


Entry fees will be by club £36 for classes 1-6 and £18 for Junior classes 7-8.

Please enter through fabian4

The closing date for pre-entries is Sunday 7th May. Late entries may be possible, contact the Organiser.

In the event of cancellation, the organising team reserves the right to retain all or part of the entry fees to cover any costs associated with the event.

Relay Declarations should be made through clubs online ahead of time with entries (this will be much appreciated as it will help the entries team). Late changes can be made at enquiries in the Event Arena up until 5pm on the Saturday. It is not necessary for all team members to be from the same club, however, only teams comprising three BOF members from the same Scottish club will be eligible to be Scottish champions.

The SI timing system will be used, with Siair enabled. SIAC cards may hired for the weekend via the Individual entries.

Collection of Relay team numbers should be done from enquiries at the Individual race, and in extremis from 9.00am on the day of the event. Numbers must be worn by all competitors. Whistles may be carried at your own risk.

Relay team information for individual competitors who would like to run:

We know that it's difficult for some clubs to put relay teams together. If you would like to run and haven't been entered in a team with your club, you may either enter with another club, or email the organiser with your name, class, course preference (A/B/C/D) and contact details (mobile phone number). We will compile team sheets and recommend that you come to registration on Saturday as soon as possible after 1500 to see what's available.

Costs will be £12 per person for adults and £6 per person for juniors (whatever class). Please pay with cash/ cheque on the day.

Competition Information


Parking and toilets will be next to farm buildings on Lawhead Hill to the south of the area, some 500m from assembly. This will be signposted from the A198 north of Tyninghame, and the B1407 from East Linton. You may arrive from either direction, however you must leave in a westerly direction because the junction onto the A198 is dangerous. Parking may be tight and muddy, so please consider sharing transport if possible: one option is to park in East Linton and hitch a ride with a passing orienteer for the final 3km. Parking charges are already included in your entry. There is hard standing for coaches but please let the organiser know if you are planning on bringing a coach.

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Assembly & Arena

Assembly and changeover is in a small field to the South West of the area. Vehicular access to this field is difficult, so the toilets may be sited at the Lawhead Hill farm buildings. The final loop of some courses use parts of the field, so please approach assembly only along the marked route from the car park.

There will be space for club tents and banners.

At present no outside catering is expected due to the difficulty of vehicular access, although there may be a Scotjos tent selling cakes.


Binning Wood is a flat forest with an unusual network of paths and rides originally laid out in the early 18th century thought to represent a plan of the major boulevards in Central Paris. Over the last 20 years it had become overrun with rhododendron. The majority of this has been cleared in time for the event, and the entire area has been professionally resurveyed by Stirling Services. The white forest is generally fast and clean underfoot, though in some places rhododendron brashings are present. In a few areas near to the start brambles are present, shown with vertical green stripe. The dark green is truly impassible rhododedron. There are some substantial drainage ditches which have been recently dredged. In the south of the area, Binning Memorial Wood is a peaceful and idyllic burial ground which is out of bounds to orienteers: the boundaries of the area are obvious large features, but are not taped.


Surveyed and printed by Stirling Surveys based on Lidar data and photogrammetric plot in April/May 2017 to ISOM 2000 standard.

The maps will be A4 in size and printed on waterproof paper. Map scale 1:10,000 for all courses.


Approximate course lengths will be:

A Courses - 6.0km
B Courses – 4.8km
C Courses – 4.2km
D Courses – 3.3km
Light Green – 3.4km
Orange - 2.7km
Yellow - 2.1km

Climb is negligible on all courses[MCC1] .

Championship Classes

There are six Scottish Relay Champions: M/W36-, M/W44-, Junior, Men’s Open, Women’s Open and Age-Class. These are awarded to Scottish Clubs. There will be additional prizes and mementoes for other course-winners, regardless of composition or nationality.

The two Open Classes have defined courses.

The children's courses are intended for teams containing three individual runners whose total BOF age is below 36 or 44 respectively. Teams with total ages exceeding this, pairs, or shadowed runners may participate but are not eligible for prizes.

The handicap courses allow teams with different age-class composition to compete head to head. Each team member has an age-related handicap (see online details) and the courses to be run are determined by the sum of these handicaps. The Junior handicap winners are the first team comprising three juniors. The Age-class handicap winners are the first team with at least one senior runner.

  Courses to be run
1. Men's Open A A A
2. handicap: 8+ point A B C
3. handicap: 11+ point / Women's Open B C C
4. handicap: 14+ point B D C
5. handicap: 17+ point C D C
6. handicap: 20+ point D D C
7. Junior: Total BOF age 44- LG O LG
8. Junior: Total BOF age 36- Y Y O

Please take note of the SOA relevant rules & guidelines for the Scottish Relay Championships when entering teams:

  • Any team shall be competitive in any class, however to be eligible to be Scottish Champions, teams shall comprise three members of the same Scottish club or a neighbouring club “alliance” of neighbouring clubs. Teams comprising competitors of inappropriate age or gender shall not be eligible to become Scottish Champions. Other course winners should be acknowledged, but will not be designated Scottish Champions.
  • Competitors may run more than once, however only the team of the first run can be eligible to be Scottish Champion.
  • Teams eligible for Men’s Open, Women’s Open or Junior Competitions are not also eligible for the Age-Class Competition.
  • Courses A, B, C and D are TD5 with an estimated winning time of 35mins for good M21, W21, M60 and W60 respectively; LG, O and Y correspond to the colour coded system.
  • Team captains are encouraged to ensure club members run appropriate length courses, even of this means they are not able to become Scottish Champions.
  • Alliances of neighbouring clubs may enter teams at the competition convenor’s discretion. The spirit of this is to allow as many people as possible to take part, not to encourage the formation of especially strong teams. Any combination team which appears much stronger than their likely competition will not be accepted.
  • Typically, two neighbouring clubs will be allowed to compete as an “alliance” if one or both have insufficient competitors at the event to make a full team. The neighbouring clubs alliance at the Scottish Relays applies to all classes not just the open and may include, e.g. only one or two juniors in a club with many adults. The concept of “neighbouring” will be interpreted flexibly for particularly far-travelled clubs.

Start Information

Junior classes BOF 36- and 44- will start at 10.30am, with call up 15 minutes before, at 10.15am.

All senior classes will start at 10.45am, with call up 15 minutes before, at 10.30am.

A mini-mass start will happen at around 12:30am for all remaining second and third leg runners. Teams participating in the mini-mass start will be competitive based on total running times.

Courses will close at 2.00pm.


Download will be in the event arena next to the finish. Please remember to download.

Prize giving

This will take place as soon as possible after the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place runners have finished, hopefully by 1pm. If your club is a 2016 trophy holder please return the trophy to enquires on the Individual Day.


We would especially like to thank Ben, Sarah and Quentin Gray for their help in the organisation of the event and use of their land.

Posted on 10th Apr 17