Scottish Championships Individual

Gullane, Archerfield and Yellowcraig, Sat 20th May

Provisional information, please keep in mind that these details may change; they will be updated or corrected as new information becomes available.

ESOC and TAY welcome you to Gullane, Archerfield and Yellowcraig on the 20th of May 2017 for the Scottish Championships Individual, by kind permission of Archerfield Estate, Muirfield Golf Course, Renaissance Golf Club, Archerfield Golf Club, Gullane Golf Club and East Lothian Council.

18th Mar 17

Entries / Fees

Enter now via Fabian4. Entries close on 14th May 2017.

Entry fees:

Championship courses:

Seniors: BOF members £16.00, non-BOF members £18.00

Juniors: BOF members £8.00, non-BOF members £9.00

Colour coded non-championship courses:

Seniors: £8.00 Juniors: £4.00

There is no entry on the day for Championship classes. Entry on the day is available for Light Green, Orange, Yellow and White non-championship courses subject to map availability.


Grid Ref: NT503842. Postcode: EH39 5HQ

The event is based at Archerfield Estate, just off the A198 between Gullane and Dirleton, East Lothian.


The event will be signposted from the A198, approximately 1.5 miles east of Gullane and 0.75 miles west of Dirleton. Entry is via the main entry to Archerfield Estate (Grid ref NT505835). Exit is via the same route.

Car parking

Parking is in a field next to Archerfield Walled Garden for cars, and in the Archerfield Walled Garden car park for minibuses, campervans, and coaches. A one-way entry / exit time system to and from the car park will be in operation: all competitors should arrive before 13:00 and there will be no exit before 13:00.

£2 charge per car.


Assembly is the car park. Compasspoint will be in attendance; Archerfield Walled Garden has a café. There will be toilets and a First Aid post at Assembly. There will also be toilets close to the Blue Start and public toilets at the Red Start.


Registration will be in the car park, and will be open from 09:30 to 14:00 for dibber hire, entry on the day, information, and issue of White and Yellow course maps.


There are four starts:

Red (courses 1 to 4) 3km from assembly, approximately 40 minutes walking, good tracks and a short distance in open woodland
Blue (courses 5 to 16) 2km from assembly, approximately 30 minutes walking, good tracks and a short distance on rough ground
Yellow (course 17) 100m from Assembly, road crossing, approximately 5 minutes, open woodland
White (course 18) 100m from Assembly, on firm grass

Start times will be between 11:45 and 14:45.


Mixed punching SPORTIdent (SI) electronic timing will be used, ie both SIAC (contactless) cards and older SI dibber (contact) cards will work. SI cards (dibbers) will be available for hire at no charge, but there will be a charge of £30 if lost. Courses 1-4 at the Individual may require SI cards capable of holding more than 30 controls; dibbers will be available to hire free of charge if needed. Contactless SIAC cards will be available for hire at £3 per day, £5 for the weekend; £60 if lost.


Courses 17 and 18 finish approximately 600m from Assembly; all other courses finish 2km from Assembly.


There will be a string course located in woodland approximately 500m along a track from Assembly.


Archerfield: Estate style parkland with woods, fields, ponds, buildings and a good path network. Courses have been planned to avoid the temptation to go too close to the ponds, which will have yellow/black tape markers; the Yellow course has a marshalled road crossing with a time out. Negligible climb.

Gullane and Yellowcraig: Complex coastal tussocky dunes, planted in part with coniferous woodland. There are rocky coastal sections which may be visited as the event is held during low tide. In places there is thicket growth, newly mapped, and in the open areas there are numerous paths, shared with the public. Minimal climb.

Map details

New maps, surveyed 2017 by Stirling Surveys.

Courses 1-2: scale 1:10,000, Courses 3-16: scale 1:7500, Courses 17-18: scale 1:5000

Safety information

A risk assessment has been carried out, but competitors take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event. Cagoules may be compulsory for competitors and whistles are advised. All courses except courses 17 to 18 go near the sea; the tide will be out.

Classes and courses

Standard Championship classes and courses will be offered, plus non-championship colour-coded Light Green, Orange, Yellow and White.

Course number Course colour (non- championship classes) Start Age classes
      M W
1   Red M21E  
2   Red M20E M18E M35L M40L M21L W21E
3   Red M45L M50L  
4   Red M55L M18L M20L M21S W21L
5   Blue M60L M16A  
6   Blue M35S M40S W18E W20E W35L W40L
7   Blue M65L M45S M21V W45L W50L
8   Blue M70L M50S M55S M20S M18S W55L W21S W20L W18L W16A
9   Blue M75L M60S W60L W35S
10   Blue M65S W65L W70L W40S W45S W50S
11   Blue M80 M70S M75S M85 M90 W75 W20S W18S W21V W55S W60S W80 W65S W70S W85 W90
14   Blue M14A M16B  
15 Light Green Blue   W14A W16B
16 Orange Blue M12A M14B W12A W14B
17 Yellow Yellow M10A M12B W10A W12B
18 White White M10B W10B

Trophies and Prizes

Individual Trophies for M/W Elite (Winner, first Native Scot and first Scottish club member) and for all eligible class winners. Please refer to the Scottish Championships Rules & Guidelines for eligibility guidelines for trophies, and advise the organiser no later than 14th May 2017 if you are not a member of a Scottish open club but consider yourself eligible.

Mementos will be awarded for 1st/2nd/3rd places in all Individual Long and A classes, to 1st in Adult (M/W 21+) Short classes and 1st/2nd/3rd in Junior (M/W 20-) Short and B classes; all competitors are eligible.

The prize-giving will be held along with the Relay prize-giving as soon as possible after the relay races on Sunday 21st.


Dogs are welcome in the car park but MUST be kept on a leash. There are deer running free in Archerfield estate.


Our thanks go to the landowners and to the volunteers from the organising clubs.

Overall Scottish Championships Co-ordinator: Graeme Ackland, INT

Planner: Mike Stewart ESOC

Controller: David Rosen SROC

Day Organiser: Anne Thom, ESOC 01506 671307 / 07798 646423

Assistant Organiser: Ewart Scott, ESOC

Organising clubs: ESOC and TAY

Posted on 18th Mar 17