Scottish Championships 2011

Planners comments
I’ve never planned a relay before, so when the chance came up I was pleased to offer.  SOC was to be handy for Edinburgh, should be easy enough.  Then the saga began of Bowhill, of Bowanhill, of Craig a’ Barns, of Dunruchan and when the individual music stopped at Auchingarrich, the relay music began of Twenty Shilling Wood, of Auchingarrich, of Drummond,  of Knock of Crieff, of Dechmont Law, of Kinnoull.  A short interlude to sort out the Scottish Nights, and when I woke up we were back at Drummond Castle.  On April 11th a draft map arrived and we were off.

The first visit was a revelation.  I’d never seen a real forest in Scotland so nice, an oakwood with a low carpet of grass and the odd rock, fully deserving its European SSSI status.  The bizarre rocky sills and thicker plantation in Torlum gave variety, and the beautiful assembly area to set it off.  What could go wrong?

I drafted the courses, test ran the B in 38 (honest!), Eddie checked it all.  Everything seemed under control, when I went off for two weeks to the US.  During which time a hard disk crash put everything on hold, notably sending SNH the courses.  When I finally got he computer sorted, they became exercised about the seasonal marshes on the map, demanding they be taped off and the courses adjusted to avoid them.  Just go the extra mile with tape then. Two weeks to go, and a posse from EUOC went to run the courses, returning with talk of sub-6min kms.  What could go wrong?

Monday: In the words of the shipping forecast Storm force 11.  Exceptional.
Tuesday: Major Storm Damage through Perthshire.  Drummond Castle uncontactable
Wednesday: Significant damage reported throughout the estate.  Delay map printing.
Thursday: Controller Davie reports windblow renders large areas impenetrable.  All controls still accessible.  Map redone.
Friday: “The estate will decide on use of the assembly area at 8am on Sunday morning”

So it was late on the Friday morning that I collected the maps and headed out to hang the flags.  A month since my last visit, it was unrecognisable: grass and bracken had shot up, fallen timber made running straight impossible and even the bushes were increased in tangly bushitude.  It was going to be long, and too late now to do anything. So T-bars out, unseasonal unmarsh taped, then home in time for tea and an evening sticky-labelling the maps.  Crash, ZZZ, beepity beep. And a morning sticky-labelling before heading out for a relaxing jog round Auchingarrich.  Then back to Drummond to put out the SI units.

So the planning?  The first leg, a long diagonal to controls strewn across the slope was intended to punish any excessive exuberance off the start.  The A and B went off on a loop while C and D headed along the sill for some gaffled control picking, the slower ones being recaught by the As and Bs.  An inevitable dozen-contour slog up Torlum, and then some widely spread gaffling in low visibility plantation to break up packs, Finally across the road for more control picking and a final loop in the field for the last leg courses A, C and LG..  Looking at the splits, lots of errors, it certainly seems to have been challenging enough.

Curiously, even though I know second hand many of you found it tough,  everyone who spoke to me afterwards said how much they enjoyed their courses.  It just goes to show what selective feedback you get!.

So if you thought your course was too tough, it’s not because I’m obsessed with long courses, or because I’m time-locked in the mentality of the mid nineties (both of which may be true, but they’re not the reason).  It was just one of those exceptional things.

Graeme Ackland


ClassTrophy2011 Winner
M10Wooden and Silver ShieldAlistair Chapman (MAROC)
M12Silver CupRowan White (INVOC)
M14Wooden Trophy (Eagle) M13/14Alexander Chepelin (GRAMP)
M16Wooden ShieldChris Galloway (INT)
M18Pewter Tankard (Int Men)Andrew Lindsay (ESOC)
M20Shield (Junior Cup) Milk MBTim Gomersall (GRAMP)
M21ESilver CupOleg Chepelin (INT)
M21EGwen Mayor Trophy – 1st Scot ClubOleg Chepelin (INT)
M21E NatSilver Cup Native ScotEwan McCarthy (AROS), 2nd
M21LWooden Plaque (new 2002)Adam Hunter (FVO), 3rd
M35Silver CupGraeme Ackland (INT)
M40Silver Cup (Wm Younger M43)Ben Hartman (INT)
M45Wooden Goblet (GRAMP)Jon Musgrave (MAROC), 2nd
M50Silver CupMartin Dean (FVO), 2nd
M55Silver/Wood PlaqueRob Hickling (GRAMP)
M60Octagonal WoodenDave Armitage (GRAMP)
M65Octagonal WoodenDave Coustick (FVO), 2nd
M70Mounted Small Silvery PlaqueBill Gauld (ESOC)
M75The LOCHOC Boulder (new 2005)Jim Clark (ESOC), 2nd
ClassTrophy2011 Winner
W10Silver CupLizzie Stansfield (FVO)
W12AntlersGrace Molloy (FVO)
W14Wooden mountedJennifer Ricketts (MAROC)
W16PictureRona McMillan (MAROC)
W18Wooden ShieldRona Lindsay (ESOC)
W20Silver Cup (W19 Trophy)Jo Shepherd (EUOC)
W21ECarol Mcneill Stag TrophyHelen Gardner (SLOW)
W21EGwen Mayor Trophy 1st Scot ClubJanine Inman (FVO), 2nd
W21E NatShield Native ScotSarah Dunn (MAROC), 3rd
W21LQuaichNot awarded (no Scottish finishers)
W35Silver Cup (Wm Younger)Mary Ross (INT)
W40Silver Cup (Wm Younger)Heather Hartman (INT)
W45Wooden Goblet (GRAMP)Hazel Dean (FVO)
W50Silver CupChristine Patterson (CLYDE)
W55Octagonal WoodenGill Berrow (ECKO)
W60Octagonal WoodenSheila Strain (ELO), 2nd
W65Silver CupEleanor Pyrah (ESOC), 3rd
W70QuaichNorma Coutts (ESOC)
W75No TrophyNot awarded (no Scottish finishers)
Relay ClassesTrophy2011 Winners
OpenRose BowlNOC Men in Tights (James Taylor, Andy Llewellyn, Richard Robinson)
W OpenSilver CupWee Bonnie Lassies (EUOC, Alice Leake, Sarah Tullie, Kirsten Maxwell)
BOF 40-Quaich (2004, INVOC)INVOC Eagles (Finlay Todd, Rowan White, Callum White)
BOF 48-Quaich (2004, CUNOC)GRAMP 8 (Calum McLeod, Alexander Chepelin, Jack Gomersall)
HandicapHandicap Quaich (2005, East Area)FVO Facetious, Handicap 6+
Handicap 6+No TrophyFVO Facetious (Ben Stansfield, Jason Inman, Martin Dean)
Handicap 9+No TrophyStripeyESOCs (Walter Clark, Les Dalgleish, Martin Caldwell)
Handicap 12+No TrophyThe BASOC Boys (Andrew Hyslop, Callum Scott, Alex Campbell)
Handicap 15+No TrophyRR Wisp (John Tullie, Lindsay Knox, Robin Sloan)
Handicap 18+No TrophyMDOCtor Who (Chris Rostron, Dave Mawdsley, John Britton)

Individual Championships, Saturday 28th May 2011

Planners: Mike Stewart (ESOC), Grant Carstairs (TAY)
Controllers: Brian Porteous (FVO), Alastair Lessells (ESOC)
Day Organiser: Ian Doig (KFO)

Relay Championships, Sunday 29th May 2011

UK Relay League 2011

This event is part of the UK Relay League, there is a new UK Relay League website with more info about the other events in 2011.

Planner: Graeme Ackland (INT)
Controllers: Eddie Harwood (MOR), Davie Frame (TAY)
Day Organiser: Roger Scrutton (ESOC)


Information enquiries: Robert and Fiona Findlay (ESOC)
Entry enquiries: Simon Firth (ESOC)